The Patriarchy

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July 16, 2007 by yukoamano

A society or system which is ruled or controlled by men. Generally, patriarchy is a system of roles that women do housework and that men work outside and support their family. Patriarchy is a hierarchy in society such as women earn less money than men. Patriarchy is not just formed by men. It has a connection with a social economic system such as capitalism. According to Heidi Hartmann, patriarchy is “Controlling women’s access to resources and their sexuality, in turn, allows men to control women’s labor power, both for the purpose of serving men in many personal and sexual ways and for the purpose of rearing children.

Patriarchy can not be separable with capitalism, however, how the division of labour which is women work at home and which is men work outside started is not clear. I think that the system of patriarchy is a social dominance by men, however, I don’t think patriarchy is directly constructed by men, because men don’t necessarily try to form patriarchy.

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My response:

The Patriarchy is a cartoon

Click on this image to get the full-sized version as a .png

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The Patriarchy is a cartoon

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2 thoughts on “The Patriarchy

  1. justindevere says:

    Nice cartoon!

    I’ve noticed that the Patriarchy is the only conspiracy theory that is studies in universities and accepted by a lot of otherwise intelligent people as legitimate. Like many conspiracy theories, it posits the theory first, then looks back and cherry-picks evidence from whatever sources in order to validate its claim.

    Imagine if people talked about, say, the moon landing conspiracy with the same seriousness and reverence that they use when talking about the Patriarchy!

    • Francis Roy says:

      At first, it was Men.
      Then it was The Patriarchy.
      Now it’s Intersectionality.

      The first of these was men.
      Then it became Men, but not named directly, but as a euphemism.
      Now it’s Men but not named until you ask for the definition of Intersectionality.

      I wish I could take credit for the Snydly Whiplash art, but it’s actually from Wikipedia. I have no drawing skills. I do encourage you to use this composite it as freely as you like, however.

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