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Questions For Sighted People

Tommy Edison asks questions of sighted people. I hate to admit that there were very few questions that I could easily and satisfactorily answer with only one or two sentences. This video is as frustrating as it is funny. Take 2 minutes and 22 seconds of your life to listen to it, I’m sure you’ll find it valuable for much longer.

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Replying to a comment re: Dear Feminist, bullying in the name of compassion is harmful

This post was reblogged, and I’m replying to a comment that does not appear to want to be posted due to the way that WordPress handles validation.

Dear Feminist

The following comment was made here:

bentehaarstad says:

September 27, 2013 at 10:27 pm

Feminism is not about bullying anybody, on the contrary. We are all different, but should have the same rights, men and women, young and old etc. Even our prime minister is a feminist, and he is a man. He says womens conbtribution to our society and our economy is more important than the oil, and Norway are a major oil producing country..

Feminism, like all ideologies are “about” what is practiced, not what is preached. What is preached, publicly, the rhetoric, is “equality”, what is observably promoted is “men as powerful evil perpetrators” and “women as weak vulnerable and morally superior victims”.

The rhetoric of “equality” however, implies equal to, rather than equal with, which, by presupposition implies that women have less, men have more. This is demonstrably false by innumerable measures.  Further, note that what the rhetoric claims to strive for is equal rights–but not equal obligations, equal duties and equal responsibilities, which, to create a healthy society, must be commensurate. Feminism, as currently practiced, demonstrate that obligation, duty and responsibility is considered an inequality. Would you allow your spouse, children, parents or neighbours to treat you with this underlying attitude? If not, then why tolerate that a large swath of the world to do so towards 48% of the world population?

What is observably practiced by self-proclaimed feminists, is the promotion of benefits to women, at the expense of men, and the utter, not even neglectful, but active dismissal of the value of men as human beings and further dismissed is the incalculable value that men bring to the table in everything from our understanding of the universe, to the technologies that we based upon those understandings, to the positive benefits that have allowed us to create the freedom, lifestyle, lifespan and security that is unprecedented in any period of history.

Moreover notably in law, in academia, politics, media and in culture, feminism promotes the active diminution of men’s rights.

Feminism is the ideology of a spoiled, narcissitic child, a dependent, living under Daddy’s roof while willfully ignoring the countless hours of work, pain, the injuries and deaths, and complaining that since the results are not to feminism’s whimsical notion of perfection, that the whole is worthless.

“I’m sorry that the strawberries I gave you weren’t the sweetest ones, Honey, I lost my arm in a thresher today and so couldn’t make it to the end of the field, so, please forgive me.”

“You’re a lazy and selfish man, Daddy! You’re supposed to bring me the BEST strawberries. You’re an oppressive bastard!”

Daddy’s failure to bring home the best strawberries due to a grievous injury is known as “The” Patriarchy.

Dear feminist, do you want to smash “The” Patriarchy? Give up your dependence, and be a full contributor. Observe equal duties, responsibilities, and obligations. Demonstrate fairness and justice rather than demanding it. Complain less about having to do the vacuuming and start mowing the lawn. Feminism is gynocentric grabbing. A better solution is egalitarian sharing, of work and dangers as well as benefits. Create your own safety rather than depending on us to provide it to you.

When feminists stop promoting the notion that women are weak and victims, and that they make it a cultural imperative that females be accountable, self-responsible, equal in rights, duties and results of their individual and collective action; when they stop willfully working towards the diminution of men’s rights in law, culture and politics, then perhaps, they might earn a modicum of my respect.

Until feminism becomes a truly egalitarian movement, rather than a gynocentric grab-for-all, until feminists start acting like adults, rather than spoiled dependents, feminism and it’s proponents will not earn genuine public respect.

Should feminism, however, become a movement of self-empowered, active adults who take change their own lives, when feminists consider that men and women are equal members of a global community, rather than artificially generating a victim class consciousness that demands an oppressor class, feminism will no longer be gynocentric, and thus feminism will be no more.

It is only by the death of feminism, can “The” Patriarchy come to an end.

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GoodMenAmongUs – A male positive YouTube Channel

Ever feel down due to the incessant barrage of negative stereotypes in the media, from those who use mockery, who hurl insult and indignity at us to serve their political and economic agendas, from the neighbours, and even, sometimes, from your family?

Here is a male-positive channel that features the good that men do and are.

This is a good place to go to lift your spirits.

From the channel’s description.

I believe that men are good. We are the same wee shiny-eyed boys that even strangers loved. We just have more experience.

I believe that men deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, honesty and respect. We’ve just let some bad ideas get in the way.

I believe that men’s rights are important, and that they are under-recognized and under-supported.

My intent is to remind people of the good that men are and do, to remind people that we are your brothers, fathers, sons, lovers, neighbours. We keep you safe, and we care.

We need to be trusted and cared for and loved and shown respect. Personally, socially and legally.

If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you. If you know someone who’s forgotten, remind them.

I am soliciting links to videos that can be reposted that highlight men’s goodness and positive deeds.

Please forward this request to anyone you know who may be interested in the positive promotion of men’s rights and perception in society.

Thank you!

I particularly enjoy this video on the list.

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Hey Mario goes MGTOW!

A funny and clever (and danceable!) song that demonstrates the Men Going Their Own Way attitude from a younger generation band, Patent Pending.

Find their YouTube channel here.

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Your prayers are useless

Your prayer is denied; I a simple human, born of the nature of this earth have more power than any god that you may wish for. My evidence is simple: your strongest prayers do not sway me to acquiesce. Your ignorant praise to human ideology, your worship of thoughtless obedience fails you. Your will shall not be done, but the very rules of common humanity shall prevail. Rise from the shame of mindless obedience, unshackle your thoughts of the Mythic All Seeing Eye. It is a mirage born of ignorance, designed to keep you in thrall.

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Laurie A. Couture hits one out of the ball park!

Laurie Couture has posted one of the best articles I’ve read in ages.

I very strongly recommend reading it in full. An excerpt:

Want to Teach Your Son Not to Rape? Protect HIM from Rape and Sexual Violence!

If you don’t want your son to rape, then you must not rape his psyche with your own history, your hurt, your baggage, your biases, your beliefs, your traditions and your ignorance.

If you don’t want your son to rape, you must not rape his mind with the disinformation, political agendas, traditions, stereotypes and anti-male bias in our culture. You must inform him when he’s old enough developmentally to handle the information, that boys suffer sexual assaults and rapes equal to girls. Inform him that historically, sexual assaults, genital tortures and rapes of boys and men were some of the most brutal and socially accepted ever recorded. You must inform him that girls and women rape and sexually assault boys and men in much larger numbers than the crime stats and stats from human services agencies report. You must inform him that college age young men are just as vulnerable to date rape as young women and in some studies, young men report higher rates of date rape.

If you don’t want your son to rape you must inform him that our society has traditionally silenced boys and men from reporting sexual assaults and rapes that they’ve suffered. You must inform him that when boys and men have reported, their reports weren’t counted into rape and sexual assault stats- The FBI didn’t even allow males to be included in their definition of rape victims until 2012!

If you don’t want your son to rape, you must inform him that our society has covered up the research on female perpetrators for political purposes. You must inform him that when girls and women are caught sexually assaulting or raping, they are not held equally accountable to males who commit the same crimes. You must also inform him that few people stand up for boys or protest when people mock, laugh at and make comedy out of grown women raping and sexually abusing teenage boys. You must tell him when you see this sexism, you will stand up for boys and men.

Want to Teach Your Son Not to Rape? Protect HIM from Rape and Sexual Violence!

Go read the whole article. Now.

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