Buy Guinness Beer. A reason to support them.

To the directors of Guinness Beer and the directors of the marketing company that created the “Guinness Wheelchair Basketball Game” ad found at the following link.

I thank you for having created a commercial that treats men with dignity, rather than the typical scorn or mockery as is unfortunately so common these days. I thank you for highlighting men’s strengths and virtues, rather than negative stereotypes.

I typically do not drink Guinness, I have no doubts of it’s excellence, but it is simply not to my particular tastes. The moment that I had finished viewing the commercial, however, I left my home, sought out and found the only store in my area that sells Guinness Beer and made a purchase.

I make this pledge: From now on, for every commercial that Guinness produces that portrays men in a positive light, I will purchase more Guinness Beer, publicly post the proof of purchase, the reason for my purchase and encourage others to make the same pledge.

Thank you.

Francis Roy

Buy Guinness Beer. Proof of purchase.

Note to readers: If you would like to encourage the promotion of positive male portrayals in the media, and are willing to make the same pledge, please leave a comment, even one as simple as “I’ve read it, I’ll do it.”

Also, post the link to your online article that fulfills the pledge conditions along with your comment.



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