On praise and recognition

There is much resentment in the world. I think that as a man, I’d appreciate having women offer more praise and recognition for what is due, than the anger, bile and resentment that gender feminists pile onto men.

How easy is it to be friendly with someone who treats you like an enemy?

Is it easier to listen to someone who listens to you, or who dismisses you?

Are you more inclined to show kindness, compassion and understanding to someone who treats you with respect, or to one who lumps you into a group to which they’ve assigned naught but evil and villainy?

One thing about humans is that they will tend to adopt roles that are assigned to them. Treat a man like a dog, and he’ll live down to that, even only if out of spite. Treat a man with kindness and as though he is kind, he’ll demonstrate more kindness.

Every time that I think that I’m ready to let go of my anger and start to demonstrate more compassion, to give more of the benefit out the doubt to a stranger making a claim, every time I’m willing to be vulnerable enough to speak my truth though, if it’s not in accord with someone’s prejudice, I get ignored, dismissed, devalued.

Open a door out of common courtesy, I’m a pig who thinks that women are weak. Fail to open the door, I’m an selfish male who thinks only of himself.

When a culture continually puts men in no-win situations, or create cognitive dissonance, is it any wonder why we might want to work for change?

We need to offer more praise and recognition of others. Thank you to CapriciousBlackBox for the reminder.


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