Thank you Radical Feminists, for being the MRM’s best recruiters

Thank you Radical Feminists, for being the Men’s Rights Movement’s best recruiters

Poster: Thank you Radical Feminists, for being the MRM’s best recuiters

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2 thoughts on “Thank you Radical Feminists, for being the MRM’s best recruiters

  1. fede says:

    What am I reading?? How can a feminist be radical? You can be a feminist or not at all, what is so radical in wanting equality?Don’t forget that ‘feminist’ doesn’t mean women are better than men!At this point I should think that people of the men’s right movement feel “offended” by the fact that women finally have some rights

    • Francis Roy says:

      Radical Feminism is a branch of Feminism. The term “Radical” means “from the root”. One of the primary tenets of Radical Feminism is the self-stated goal is perpetual revolution, that is, the remaking of society from the ground up. Assumption, traditions, modes of thinking etc. Unfortunately, Radical Feminism is an off-shoot of Marxism, thus, in order to have a perpetual revolution, one needs an enemy. Marx posited that the enemy of les prolitaires, the proletariat, the working class was la Bourgoisie, those that owned fields, factories, generally speaking, the means of production. The overall enemy was capitalism. Radical Feminism uses this same framework, but have replaced the proletariat with “women” (and now “minorities”–literally, any non-white, non-men) and have cast men as les Bourgois, and finally, they have replaced capitalism with a gynocentric (woman-centric) post hoc rationalization call “the” patriarchy.

      The problem with Feminism is that while the claim is that they seek “equality” what is practised is merely the promotion of women’s interests, rather than a genuine impartiality in the application of law. Radical Feminism is simply a form of socialism that seeks to use our instinctive empathy for women, and our instinctive objectification of men to transfer the labour and wealth of men to the control of women (or organizations that claim to speak and act on their behalf) and thus it’s power. It does not seek additional duties, but now, having identical rights, seeks to disenfranchise men, as a class of their rights in law. Feminism, is in fact, hypocrisy in action.

      As for “women’s rights”: Please name one right in law that men have in North America, current day that women do not have. I can point out that men lack certain rights that women have: the right to bodily integrity, reproductive rights, an unbiased and equitable enforcement of the law against men qua men.

      Additionally, you mistake “women’s rights” and Feminism, the two are not the same. One refers to rights that women have in law, the other refers to a political ideology. Name one action, or one word spoken to the benefit of women’s rights, women’s issues, or women’s general well-being that cannot be performed in the absence of Feminism. There are none.

      Further yet, you say “the fact that women finally have some rights.” The historical backdrop isn’t “male privilege”; it is an interconnected and interdependent division of labour that places legal and social burdens on both men and women, and the rights granted to fulfill these duties. Men and women have always had more or less equivalent rights, but not always the same ones, each have always had trade-offs between duties and rights.

      Men’s Rights Activists are not “offended” that “women finally have ‘some’ rights.” Men’s Rights Activists are focused on granting rights to men that women currently enjoy, as previously noted, of ensuring an impartial application and enforcement of current laws, and deal with social issues that Feminism attempts to ignore, or mask.

      I recommend that you spend some time contemplating the following meme:

      Men’s Rights Activists simply intend to ensure that we view the world though all four quadrants, not just the upper-right one.

      I hope this clarifies the issue for you.

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