GoodMenAmongUs – A male positive YouTube Channel

Ever feel down due to the incessant barrage of negative stereotypes in the media, from those who use mockery, who hurl insult and indignity at us to serve their political and economic agendas, from the neighbours, and even, sometimes, from your family?

Here is a male-positive channel that features the good that men do and are.

This is a good place to go to lift your spirits.

From the channel’s description.

I believe that men are good. We are the same wee shiny-eyed boys that even strangers loved. We just have more experience.

I believe that men deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, honesty and respect. We’ve just let some bad ideas get in the way.

I believe that men’s rights are important, and that they are under-recognized and under-supported.

My intent is to remind people of the good that men are and do, to remind people that we are your brothers, fathers, sons, lovers, neighbours. We keep you safe, and we care.

We need to be trusted and cared for and loved and shown respect. Personally, socially and legally.

If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you. If you know someone who’s forgotten, remind them.

I am soliciting links to videos that can be reposted that highlight men’s goodness and positive deeds.

Please forward this request to anyone you know who may be interested in the positive promotion of men’s rights and perception in society.

Thank you!

I particularly enjoy this video on the list.

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