Where have all the charming men gone?

There are a lack of charming men in real life. This is a problem. Charm is dead.

Charm is vaguely unmasculine and requires subtlety, a sense of social grace. We are going though a little bit of a low in the charm department. The problem, according to Glam readers, is that they want a man who is going to “Man up” (a little bit).

These are super-high achieving women. They’ve been leaning in, focusing on their careers, there are more women now getting college degrees than men, and a lot of the women in their 20’s are out-earning men. Guys are sitting on the couch, wearing their hoodies and playing X-Box. Women are just thinking “I just want this guy to catch up”.

What do you mean by “Man up”? There’s a level of “adulthood” that women in their 20’s are looking for in men, that’s what they love about the old Cary Grant.

Charm, apparently is about holding chairs for women, having a job, being interested in sex (but that’s bad).

Four minutes and twenty-nine seconds on sheer, unredeemable man-shaming brought to you by The Atlantic and Glam Magazine.

Remember: charm is charming, just don’t be charmed by it.

What a clusterfuck.

I offer this as a follow up.

Helen Smith: “We focus so much on what ‘men are doing to women'”. “Treat men with respect as a human being”

Bite your subversive tongue, you radical! What kind of misogyny is this?!

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