It’s time to abandon Google, YouTube and associated services

Many of us do not like the way that Google is treating the YouTube community. Useful and desired features are being removed despite the client base’s protestations, new, very unwanted, inferior and intrusive features such as Google+ are being foisted on the user.

It is time for us, the customer base to make a decision before accounts are permanently wiped, or relegated to difficult-to-access corners (thus losing subscribers, relationships, income) in favour of the well-moneyed but vacuous content of pop-stars and commercial fare.

I’m slowly shutting down all of my google accounts. I’d like to encourage members of each YouTube sub-community to get together, and share the message among themselves: pick a competitor to YouTube. Make an agreement amongst yourselves to move each member of your group at a time, leaving the existing accounts only as advertisements for their new locations. This can be done gradually, giving you time to save your videos, notify your subscribers.

There are services that are useful. Google Hangout is popular. Use it. Record it and promptly move the video to the competitor, leaving a brief notice stub that points to the competitor.

Google is disrespecting it’s users, it knows it, and it doesn’t care. What it Google cares about about is money. That’s fine–but money is predicated on serving the user’s needs. When our needs are no longer being served, there’s no reason to remain.

Users, especially those who signed up with YouTube, not Google, have a legacy investment–relationships, hours of hard work and for many ad-sense revenue. Google seems to think that users will allow themselves to have this held hostage.

Is this so?

Loss of revenue is the only thing that will bring the gravity of Google’s mistreatment of it’s users to their attention. Either they will alter their strategy or not. If they do, then the users will continue to be served, and thus willing to continue feeding Google’s coffers, if not then then they’ll lose customers, and thus revenue.

Either way, it’s time to put the ball back into our own court and act on it.

I encourage you to consider this, to share the idea with your peers.

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