To the “Social Justice Warriors”

Dear Social Justice Warrior and Anti-Men’s Rights Advocates.

I have a few simple questions.

Are men and boys, approximately 50% of the world’s population, not part of society?

If so, do we also not deserve justice?

Do we also not deserve protection against those who would do us harm?

Do our needs not also merit to be protected against those with political agendas who would wage cultural, economic and political war against us?

If so, where are you? I do not see you fighting for men to have an equal place at the table. I do not see you indignantly marching for our right to dignity.

Why are you not fighting for the rights of children to have equal access to their fathers?

And if you believe that men do not deserve equal dignity, an equal voice, and equal indignation in the face of our victimization, what does it say of a social justice movement that would either ignore or refuse these rights to half of the global population?

I welcome your comments.

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2 thoughts on “To the “Social Justice Warriors”

  1. I am not a political person, but my best friend is a feminist and she said to me that in regard to MRA’s “yeah, mens rights, that’s what *I* want too”. Presumably she believes men have rights she does not have and she wishes to also have those rights, not to deprive men of those rights.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Ask her the following question: Can you name a right in law (in the western world) that men have, that women do not? Not only does she have the same rights in law, but the laws are actually applied preferentially to her.

      Many people fail to make the distinction between rights in law, and social advantages. So have her make a list of the disadvantages that she feels, limit her to what is within her life scope, and show her the list of men’s issues.

      She might be surprised to find that men have disadvantages that she isn’t aware of, and even more surprised to learn that we both share certain disadvantages, but from a different angle.

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