Women for Men!

“I used to consider myself a feminist but mistakenly thought feminism meant equality between the sexes. In today’s culture, it means female privilege, and I believe discrimination against men is every bit as bad as discrimination against women—and I want no part of it,” writes Dr. Helen Smith in Men on Strike. 

That’s the attitude every woman who loves men should have.

Women for Men’s website mission statement

Mission Statement

Women for Men (WFM) was founded to provide much-needed support for the American male and to help put an end to the gender war. There is simply no question that America is at war with masculinity. For years, prominent women in media and government have used their perch to belabor the false notion that women are in need of justice and focus.

It’s actually the other way around.

The American male is tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with him. He’s tired of getting shafted in family courts, or even in college tribunals, where men are assumed guilty until proven innocent. Decades of feminist propaganda have landed us in a place where women are hailed as heroes, and men are viewed as perpetrators—or just losers.

That’s what WFM seeks to remedy. The battle of the sexes will begin to erode when America stops making men pay for women’s so-called oppression. If we do, marriages and relationships will improve—as will the health of the American family.

I encourage you to take a look!


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