About equality4men

equality4men is a global campaign to transform the way the world works for men and boys.

Founded in the UK in 2013, we are committed to living in world that works for people of all genders and our key concern is to explore, understand and address the many ways the world doesn’t work for men and boys.

When we consider that:

  • Men and boys in 99% of countries in the world die younger than women and girls
  • Men and boys in 99% of countries are more likely to kill themselves than women and girls
  • Men and boys account for 4 out of 5 violent deaths in the world ever year
  • Girls in nearly 100 of the world’s leading economies are more likely to get a better education and go to university than boys
  • Fathers all over the globe are less involved in raising their children than mothers for all sorts of personal, cultural and political reasons

When we consider these global issues it is clear there are many areas of life where our changing world isn’t working for men and boys.

At equality4men our aim is to transform the way that people all over the world think about men and boys—starting with the UK and other English-speaking countries and ultimately sharing this conversation with every community on Earth.

We will do this by creating a new context for conversations about gender, where our old beliefs, that women have problems and men are problems, will be replaced by a new perspective of gender where we can see that women have problems and men have problems too.

By focusing the world’s attention on the personal, practical and political concerns of men and boys, we can begin to see these “problems” as an opportunity to help humanity flourish and prosper.

We believe that every human being is born with great potential to contribute to the evolution of our global community. As we help more and more people relate to men and boys as their potential—and not their problems—we will transform the way the world works for men and boys and create a safer, happier, healthier world in the process.

equality4men  makes it simple for people of all backgrounds and genders to get involved in a new conversation about men and boys that empowers every individual to make the world a better place for everyone to enjoy.

Check them out: http://equality4men.com/


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