What are men good for?

What I find interesting about this video is the way that men are downplayed throughout. First, we can acknowledge that historically, division of labour, that is men as hunters and women as gatherers was an effective strategy. That we exist today, is evidence of this.

The anthropology student claims that women have the ‘burden’ of breast-feeding and that men have the ‘freedom’ to go and risk their lives hunting to support the family.

Notice what women generally claim to think ‘a man’ is a provider, protector, motivated, ‘going somewhere in life’. Not necessarily a good parent, a complication to one’s life, but occasionally valuable for their sexual service or companionship to women. ‘What a man is good for’ seems to be answered with the the assumption that the question ends with ‘to women’. Not to children, other men, society at large or himself.

The traditionalist woman claims that men are not necessary anymore–yet completely ignore that her very survival is dependent upon a society built and maintained by men. Women, these days, are less often supported by one man, but by many. Hydro line workers, truck drivers, farmers, cloth makers, bankers, grocery store operators, construction workers, technology creators, gasoline providers, medical inventors, scientists, etc. Yet, ‘in this day’, women no longer need a man. In fact, she, like many women fails to observe that women now need many men to survive, and are utterly dismissive towards those who allow her greater lifestyle than her forbears. She renders the men who make her life possible invisible, yet still claim that men should work hard to be a good provider.

Comment is then made on how men should express themselves: we should ‘express our emotions’, presuming that men are like women. The assertion is made that that men tend to express only anger, or macho-posturing, or denigrating another person. What this video demonstrates to me is an example of the prevalent cultural bigotry against men.

I would have been curious as to the results had the question been asked ‘What are women good for?’ and to compare quantitatively and qualitatively the difference in responses.

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