Paul Sellers teaches woodworking

Woodworking videos and instruction. This is Paul Sellers’ YouTube channel where he shares his woodworking experience. The videos are mostly to show what you can do with wood but partially instructional as well.

I really like Paul’s style. For as much as I’m in love with Matthias Wandel awesome, motivating and inspiring engineering style of woodworking, much of his work would be very difficult to do without power tools. Paul shows us how to do woodworking when the lights go out (as did my grandfather’s generation).

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One thought on “Paul Sellers teaches woodworking

  1. Awesome. I’m kind of in the middle between lights out and powertools… right now I want to hand build some crown molding and 8 cabinet doors to finish off some built-in cabinets I did in the family room. At the holidays a bottle of very expensive champers came through the kitchen and left behind a very nicely done box, so some cherrywood and silk are in the plans for a very nice jewelry box… I love making stuff with wood.

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