Paul Wheaton gives a Permaculture Keynote

I’m a big fan of Permaculture. In theory. That is, this systematized assemblage of tips, tricks and techniques is, from all that I read, watch and listen to seems to be a very sensible framework for creating a healthy soil, environment and life-style that not only feeds one’s self, brings the creatures that surround us into positive utility, and does so to the benefit of all involved.

Permaculture, from what I can tell requires a fairly deep understanding of a range of subjects such as horticulture, agronomy, soil, animal husbandry, and to some lesser extent energy analysis plus as many other subjects as one is willing to learn. As a youth, I had never believed that I would become a vermiculturist or have an interest in mycology. The learning curve, from what I can tell is somewhat steep, with the results and satisfaction commensurate to the interest and energy invested.

The one lesson that has most resonated with me is a simple one, derived from watching my grand-parents work their farm: waste nothing. Everything from manure to a bit of string is stored up energy waiting to be accessed with the key of creativity–and the desire to save a few bucks.

While surfing countless Permaculture videos on YouTube, one can see an endless variety of excellent ideas that stand on their own. What I’ve failed to glean, however, are the practical applications of starting off one’s property, using this system, without first having taken a multi-day and multi-dollar course.

It is one of my interests, and thus share it with you few who may not yet be aware of it. What bits I have been able to put into practice fits in quite nicely with what some might call the Prepper lifestyle–or as I prefer to think of it, learning to be skillful and self-reliant regardless of easily accessible grid-provided energy.

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