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“Check your privilege” is an ad hominem logical fallacy.

“Check your privilege!”, an expression is usually used as a to dismiss an argument or point of view. It is a veiled ad hominem attack.

“Check your” privilege presupposes that one has “privilege”. Privilege is something that certain class of people (typically identified as “men”, or more specifically “white men”) have. An argument that is dismissed due to “privilege” is in fact using the accused individual’s belonging to a given group or class. The argument is thus, indirectly dismissed based on the person. The dismissal is to the person,  ad hominem.


I welcome any respectful counter-argument.

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AVFM Honey Badger Radio

Well, not quite.

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Forget big change, choose tiny habits

Just a quick note to let people know: this is the first habit changing system that I’ve ever used that seems to actually work. So far, it’s only one habit, but I do it easily and naturally. I’ve gone from doing 0 push-ups a day to about 50 per day. And I do it automatically. Caveat: it has only been a week, but it’s the easiest week in picking up a new habit ever. I’m really looking forward to seeing this accumulate over time.

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Men: Soften the fuck up.

Men are people too. If, as Warren Farrell says, women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness and men’s greatest weakness is our facade of strength, would it not make sense that we treat ourselves and other men with the simple respect of honest communication?

I used to be Mr. Shield, hoping that bullets would bounce off of me. The problem is that they don’t. They dent and pierce the shield, and the torn armour becomes embedded in the flesh. I’ve learned that what is better is what I think of as “becoming transparent”, that is, to let things flow though you without permitting the bullet to gain any purchase on one’s mental or emotional flesh.

It is for this reason that I endorse and encourage men to become vulnerable. When we are hurt, say it. On the spot. “I feel hurt that you would say this to me, or treat me this way”.

The next bit is accepting that as men, we are not pigs, Male Chauvinist or otherwise. We are not rapists, Schrodinger’s or otherwise. We are not oppressors, misogynists, tools of The Patriarchy.

Name calling is one of the basest social control mechanisms, an instinctive one, I think. Consider: what is name calling if not an attack on one’s social status by attempting to reduce someone’s dignity in their own eyes: shaming.

Be vulnerable. Refuse shame. Be who you are. And don’t give up.

Check out the SpurProjectsAU YouTube channel.

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Meme: Took Women’s Studies. Found Religion.

Diana Davidson challenged and inspired a quickie–a meme. Get your mind out of the gutters!

Women's Studies Meme

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The nature of god. A stray thought.

If a god is claimed to be omnipotent, can it therefor simultaneously be god and not-god? Can an omnipotent being be of a nature that is not it’s own? If it cannot, then it is not omnipotent. If it can, then it loses it’s omnipotence.

If the latter were to be true, how do we know the Christian god, or Allah, or Taqyerpik hasn’t already done so?

Just a stray thought.

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Chivalry Is Dead, Long Live Courtesy

Good post that makes the distinction between sexism and courtesy.

Tarnished Sophia

Courtesy: having politeness in one’s attitude and behavior towards others.

Chivalry: courteous behavior, especially that of a man towards a woman.

Of the bloggers I follow, a few have written about the concept of chivalry this past week, and I’ve decided to add my thoughts to the mix. If we look at the two definitions above, there is a stark contrast that is immediately apparent; Courtesy is for everyone, but chivalry is a term used solely for men in regards to their actions towards women.

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Google Hangouts in real life

For those not familiar with Google Hangouts, here’s a sample of the experience *cough*Ozy*cough*.


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Your vagina is not a magic lamp

Gynocentrism, even when it is not recognized as such, pervades every aspect of our society.

I recently went to my local bakery to enjoy a soup and sandwich. I seated myself at the only available table, one with four chairs. Not long after my order had arrived a pair of young women entered, looked around craning their necks, obviously hoping for a table. The first singled me out with her chin to her comrade, they spoke briefly, then approached. The first, the taller of the two stood before me and imperiously demanded “Can you give us this table?” “There’s a place for you over there”, she said, cocking her head to the corner to indicate a little half-board crowded by a commercial coffee grinder and condiments.

I looked meaningfully at the meal I was enjoying on the table. I invited them to sit with me, and pointed out the alternative, a free couch with a coffee table near the door where they had first entered. Blondie Longhair, the taller of the two responded “We’re women! Don’t you think it’s impolite to not give up your place for a couple of women who are asking nicely? You’re only one man!”

I put my sandwich down and replied “Do you believe that your vagina is a magic lamp? That you need only rub it to make your wishes come true?”

They stared at me stunned, aghast, even. I’m not sure if they attempted to stare me down, or were simply speechless. The second girl looked askance at the first, who then spat out “You men are so selfish!”. She stormed out, trailed by her little friend. They did not choose to use the couches.

Sometimes respecting one’s fundamental dignity means daring to be an uppity nigger man in the face of genetic royalty.

It was a satisfying moment.

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