Ahhh. Jehova Witnesses.

A couple of very nice men, Michel and Gilles, Jehovah Witnesses both, approached me for the third time in a year to proselytize. Very nice men. One is better spoken than the other who is apparently utterly incapable of the least amount of critical thinking. Poor fucker is intimidated by me. I feel bad for him, so I’m very gentle and walk him very very slowly though certain of his arguments, so than he can make them better, and also so that he can see it’s weaknesses.

We’ve just made an agreement that they’ll come by as their schedule permits a bit more regularly. I have no problem discussing religion with people who are open minded, and genuinely faithful. It’s the William Lane Craigs and Bible Thumping Wingnut types I can ‘t be bothered with.

I should have taken their picture. This might be fun.

PS: Think that reading the bible in English is dull? French words and sentences plus the grammatical constructions are typically about 30% longer than English. That’s Dull+

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