I need Feminism because… Wait. Do I really?

Dear Social Justice Warriors and Feminists.

Over the last couple of years or so, I’ve been aware of a campaign where one holds a sign that reads “I need Feminism because…”

I have a challenge for you.

Name one single action taken toward equality or women’s rights that cannot be performed in the absence of feminism.

I look forward to your thoughtful responses.


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7 thoughts on “I need Feminism because… Wait. Do I really?

  1. Tarnished says:

    There aren’t any.

    Matt Dillahunty of the Atheist Experience show in Austin, Texas uses this same argument with callers who insist that organized religion is a good thing, since the practitioners volunteer at soup kitchens, give clothing donations, etc.
    In much the same way you can be an atheist, agnostic, Wiccan, or Deist and still do good things without needing organized religion…so too can you fight for equality without needing feminist groups.

  2. Marissa says:

    Hey, Francis! I’ve considered myself a feminist for several years, and lately I’ve been searching -desperately- for an MRM site or blog where I could learn how I can help the men in my life and be an advocate to other feminists in my circle.

    My problem being: every time I look through The Spearhead or AVfM for education, I eventually run into language aimed at “cunts” or “harpies”, unconvincing generalizations of feminism drawn from Solanas’ ilk, and, uh, some novel terms for the vagina that I’ve never heard before or since. It’s rough finding something I can link my mom to, is my problem. And I can just forget about making any friends there.

    Maybe that’s just also what it’s like for dudes to read Jezebel. (Personally, I’m more of a Sociological Images lady myself. More data-driven.) But that’s my background, and the difficult journey that’s led me here.

    I just discovered your blog, and while I’m enthralled by most of your posts and am about to add you to my RSS, I’m not sure I get this one. Is feminism not just a label and a vehicle for someone who supports women’s rights? Pointing that out doesn’t do anything to invalidate it, from my perspective.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Glad you found me, you’re just the sort that I’m trying to reach: people who believe that, as my mother would say “people should just respect each other and be fair amongst each other”.

      I get what you’re saying. There’s a lot of anger and a lot of rhetoric on many boards. Some because it’s a useful tool, others because people still have to work their own stuff out. What you describe is precisely what I get when I read Jezebel. To me Jezebel is as much a filthy pit of hatred as others perceive some MRA sites to be.

      To be brief about it. “Is feminism not just a label and a vehicle for someone who supports women’s rights?”

      I will answer your question, but first, I’ll ask you one, then wait for your response.

      What do you mean when you say “supporting women’s rights”?

      I pause for two reasons. The first, is to prompt you to think a bit, and the latter is that I’m quite tired :)

      Please leave your response and I’ll happily respond in the morning.

      • Marissa says:

        (Good morning!)

        Hmmm… I consider women’s rights to be like any other rights– anything bound by law. Motions that granted women personhood in the eyes of their respective government, as well as autonomy. So for instance, today “supporting women’s rights” in North America is increasingly irrelevant, thank god.

        So if it’s not too presumptuous, I’d call mostly any person whose ideology would have made them shout “yea” in a senate meeting to be a feminist– an advocate for women’s rights.

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