Dumbpiphany: The story of my life

I have all my life thought that I was less intelligent than most people. They would make arguments about the existence of gods, ghosts and goblins, and their arguments never made sense. Then I was turned onto critical thinking. Shortly after, with even only a few extra skeptical tools in my kit, I realized that the reason I couldn’t make sense of people’s arguments was not that I wasn’t bright enough to follow, but because the arguments were nonsensical. Because I rarely did, it simply didn’t occurred to me that people would lie. I expected that everyone knew better than I.

Thank goodness for skepticism.

Dumbpihany: The story of my life

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One thought on “Dumbpiphany: The story of my life

  1. Tarnished says:

    I like my faith, but unlike most Christians I’ve met, my religion doesn’t define me. I don’t stick up for people or attempt to live a moral life because I’m Wiccan…I do it because it’s the right thing to do. I also don’t want people to just blindly follow whatever some random preacher, rabbi, priestess, guru, or pastor tells them is “the truth”. If a week goes by that you don’t question your beliefs, or take time to at least consider a *valid and sensical* argument from another spiritual/anti-spiritual viewpoint, I’d say your being a sheep not a person.

    The minute we think we have all the answers is the minute we prove just how little we actually care to know.

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