The Silver-Bullet to All Feminist Ideological Arguments

In her article A Lady’s Guide to Precautions, Alge writes:

There is a certain argument that pops up a lot of the time when a news story comes out about a woman being assaulted. The media has a tendency to judge whatever activity she was engaged in when the assault occurred, and based on the merits of that activity, decided whether or not she deserved to be assaulted.

She then continues on, daring to make a politically unforgivable argument: that rape prevention is a set of techniques and mindsets common to the field of personal security, one in which any self-respecting adult engages in. She then brazenly plunges forth describing the methods that she believes work for her. Essentially, she is using the locked door argument.

One of it’s more frequent counter-responses is “…but that we need to protect ourselves [women from rape] to begin with is an indicator of cultural and institutional misogyny, so not only are you blaming the victim, but you are proving Patriarchy!”.

I’ve found a very simple way to counter this, which is to go for the argument’s jugular: “Are you claiming that being born into a female body justifies the rejection of your adult human responsibility of your own safety?”

What makes feminism particularly pernicious is that most of it’s apologetic rely on presuppositional framing. I’ve found that if you start with the assumption that the individual you are speaking to is a mature, self-responsible adult who owes duties as well as enjoying benefits, and you lock into that frame, most feminist arguments crumble.

In her About Page she writes:

Disclaimer: This is not a blog about fashion or makeup. It is not about acting a stereotype. It is not about how to become so attractive that, upon seeing your maiden form, all the men of the world instantly tear the crotches of their trousers with the sheer force of their raging hardons. It is simply about how to conduct oneself in an manner that is agreeable not only to yourself, as a prime example of glorious womanhood, but to the other denizens of planet Earth.


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