The Iron Law of Bureaucracy Exemplified

Earlier, I had introduced the notion of The Iron Law of Bureaucracy, that is, the phenomenon where, in an organization, there are those who strive towards achieving the organization’s goals, and there are those who strive to keep the organization’s needs, that is, their jobs alive.

Warren Bush presents us with a wonderful example of what The Iron Law of Bureaucracy looks like in action, and one method to counter-act in. The method is simple: make it painful for the bureaucrat who is more invested in their job to remain sedentary and stultified and force that individual to get on board with the real mission or lose their job.

Perhaps this is the approach we should take with individuals such as Tammy Bruce, Elizabeth Sheehy, Hillary Clinton and other such people.

In short, make it not only personally and financially unprofitable for this ilk of individuals, but make it personally and financially costly, in terms of finances, in terms of personal reputation and in terms of social status or prestige.

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