I don’t need feminism because…

I don't need feminism because...

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9 thoughts on “I don’t need feminism because…

  1. Tarnished says:

    So very true.
    As an aside, the other issue I have with this thing about how a woman can have sex with a drunk man and the following morning he’d have a lot of difficulty in finding someone who cares. Even worse are the cases where both the man AND woman are drunk…yet only the male is a rapist. In such an example, it should be either/or: Either both of them are rapists, or neither one is.

    Another aspect of this that sticks in my mind is the idea of “drunk women get raped because they have no true understanding of what they’re doing and thus cannot give consent.” Let’s leave aside the fact that the same should apply to men also, and focus on this supposed lack of personal agency on behalf of the drunk female. While I believe that she is not able to give true consent if she’s falling down drunk, I wonder how many men would actually enjoy having a sexual partner who lies there drooling and unconscious…a few, to be sure, but such a small amount that such desires cannot be attributed to men as a whole.

    Now, if the woman in question is only tipsy, I’d think that’s different than being drunk. (I’ve never allowed myself to be drunk or tipsy though, so if I’m wrong please let me know.) She should still be capable of making at least *basic* decisions like “I want to go home”, “I want to sleep with this guy”, “I don’t feel well”, or even “I’m going to have another drink”. To say that a woman can have a drink or two and then magically lose all agency and not be capable of making rational decisions would lead me to believe that women shouldn’t be trusted with drinking at all. Luckily I don’t believe this is true, so will continue to enjoy my single glass of wine, beer, or liquor when I dine with my friends.

    Honestly, it’s all about a willingness to give up ones accountability.

    • Francis Roy says:

      /me nods.

      Two drunk lesbians have sex. Which one’s the rapist?

      • Tarnished says:

        Exactly! You know, I actually asked a similar question on a feminist blog that was talking about this as they usually do…drunk male = retains agency, drunk female = loses agency. I gave the example of the male being so drunk that he had “whiskey dick” and couldn’t penetrate but the female took it upon herself to give him a blowjob anyway. In this situation, the male didn’t necessarily penetrate as much as the female enveloped him. Who was the rapist?

        I got no response, and later that week my comment was deleted. Typical of radfems, wouldn’t you say? But then, what can we expect from women who believe that a hetero bedroom is fraught with subtle sexual politics and constant degradation?

      • Francis Roy says:

        “I got not response, and later that week my comment was deleted. Typical radfems, wouldn’t you say?”

        /me nods. This is a very common experience for me. I’ve taken to screenshotting what I think are conversations that’ll go south for that very reason.

  2. I notice that the correlation between anti-feminist women and literally pro-Fascist women (see her T-shirt) remains strong.

    • Francis Roy says:

      A Black Sabbath T-shirt is an indication that she is pro-Fascist? I dare not ask what you might have thought were she wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt.

      • Tarnished says:

        I was wondering about that too…
        So what would it mean if she had a Dave Matthews Band poster on her wall, or a Panic at the Disco cd on her dresser? Lol.

        Btw, Francis, there’s a brand new pseudo-MGTOW post by Blurkel up at Spawny’s that you might find interesting. It’d certainly be great to get your own opinions on it when/if you have time. It’s the most recent post.

  3. Wow. “I suffered more than you did from the depravity of our culture, therefore our chulture does not need to be reformed.” Just wow.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Wow. “I suffered more than you did from the depravity of our culture, therefore our chulture does not need to be reformed.” Just wow.

      Hey! Nice strawman you’ve got there! Allow me to rephrase without distortion:

      “I don’t need Feminism because I can distinguish an authentic crime from an ideological talking point.”

      I find it fascinating that people think they can get away with strawmen arguments.

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