Men must stand together against vile viral violence in our society


Screen grabs from a video

Screen grabs from a video of the aftermath of the recent assault on a Melbourne train. Roger Stableford was assaulted by two teenage girls after they refused to remove their feet off from a seat an allow him to sit down. Source: News Limited

WHY don’t decent blokes do anything? Have we lost our collective cojones?

In today’s viral video of feral females monstering an innocent train passenger, the most depressing aspect is the sea of faces studiously looking down at their phones, tablets, papers – anywhere but at the aggressors and their victim.

Nobody got up to help, to shield the man, tell the girls to pull their heads in or even to show silent support … not until the teenagers had left the carriage.

I’m sure everyone had a reason to not get involved – as a daily train traveller who has seen plenty of vile incidents, I get the dilemma – but in the cold light of day it adds up to a shocking show of apathy, especially from the men.

What has happened to us? And it’s specifically the blokes I’m talking to.

Why, in such a situation, do ordinary guys sitting nearby not exchange glances, give each other a nod and take collective action?

When young oiks of either sex rampage up and down train carriages, distressing mums and kids with vile language, why do the big guys in suits or fluoro vests – the regular real men who would not wish their families subjected to this – not stand up together, exercise their natural authority and bring calm to the situation?

It works; and even if it does not stop the idiots, it gives the traumatised victim a much-needed shield and comfort.

“But I don’t know what’s going on, it’s not my business,” I hear you think. “How do I know who’s in the right?”

Even if it’s not obvious, you don’t need to know – just stopping the situation escalating is enough, then leave matters of right/wrong/crime to the proper authorities.

I’m no hero: I’ve asked gangs of swearing teens to stop and had great results, possibly because I spoke with respect; I’ve also chosen not to tackle big, hairy Neanderthals in the same situation because they looked way too dangerous. A considered decision, but for a time I still hated that I bottled.

I’ve tackled a bag-snatcher and chased him away from his victim and his loot, but backed off when he turned on me in case he had a weapon. Another considered decision – one that I was much happier with.

I don’t suggest people put themselves in danger, but I’d argue that a few calm adult men acting as a group would be enough to dissipate the danger in these situations.

Humans are capable of heroic altruism – witness those ordinary citizens who confront serious maniacs like terrorists – but can be shockingly slow to act.

Who stepped in when Nigella Lawson was being choked in a restaurant by her husband? Nobody. Not a single one of their genteel, cashed-up fellow diners.

In the recent string of racist attacks on Australian buses, a few brave souls have intervened for the victims – but far too few.

It’s time to stand up and be counted, fellas. Be the role models and leaders our society needs, but don’t leave each other hanging when someone gets the ball rolling.

When ordinary good guys act together, it can be an enormously powerful force.

See the video here.

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5 thoughts on “Men must stand together against vile viral violence in our society

  1. Tarnished says:

    I recommend watching ABC’s “What Would You Do?” show. It’s one of my favorites, and the only “reality” program that I feel is worth watching. They have over 60 scenarios by now, and each one is a take on this very question. It’s sometimes moving to see men and women stand up for what is right, but it’s also incredibly sad to see just how many simply shrug and walk by.

    Empathy is sorely needed in our communities…

  2. Tarnished says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that the episodes are free to watch on their website or on YouTube.

  3. maybe the men dont get involved based on fear of false allegations, even with a high number of male and female witnesses…. Think of two men standing up for the attacked male, then the two girls claim the three men were attacking them, and they defended themselves….. The three men would have more bs to deal with, than if they didnt do anything and the real victim just dealing with his wounds

    • Francis Roy says:

      One thing that I’ve learned in bars in my youth is never stand up or get involved for a woman when she’s in a some sort of dispute with a man, unless she’s part of your group. You’re pretty much guaranteed that she’ll turn on you. You can tear two guys apart and once they’ve calmed down, one will walk out, the other will go back to his buddies. You can tear two women apart, just long enough to hand them off to their group, one of the groups will leave, the other will stay. Should the cops get involved, unless you’ve got twenty people vouching for you, you are the one that will be accused of being the assailant.

  4. OneFatOzGuy says:

    Sooo, men need to use they natural authority? Sounds patriarchal to me.
    The reality is that the media will only show the video of the victim they want. Had two men intervened and hurt either of the women at all and it would be all over for them. Their faces would be in the media, regardless of if they ever get charged.
    I say if the author is serious about wanting men to intervene more, how about starting by respecting them more!

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