Reasons for false rape allegation: to save $13 cab fare

I am often asked “Why would someone make a false rape allegation against a man?”

The answer is a simple one: because they can, and without consequence.

But here is one reason: to save $13 on cab fare.

In April 2006, Yasa picked up the young women, all 19, along Whyte Avenue, a well-known strip of bars and restaurants in Edmonton. The girls were intoxicated, and trouble began when one of them tried to light up a cigarette, Yasa said. It is illegal to smoke in an Edmonton taxi cab, and Yasa told her to put out the cigarette or risk a $500 fine.

Just then, the girls demanded Yasa stop the cab, and they got out, refusing to pay the $13 fare. Then they accused Yasa of sexually molesting them, Yasa said. They called their friends, and Yasa soon was surrounded by what he calls a “mob.” Both Yasa and friends of the four girls called police.

However, what happened in the taxi was caught on a video camera Yasa had installed inside his car after a passenger tried to assault him a couple of years before. Based on the video evidence of what happened in his cab, Yasa was not charged. Edmonton cabbie sues passengers over false assault allegations.

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