Men’s issues aren’t yet fully acknowledged

Even by men themselves… Cut it out, guys! Speak clearly and loudly and make solid points. If you don’t value yourself enough to speak out, speak for the boys who cannot.

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2 thoughts on “Men’s issues aren’t yet fully acknowledged

  1. So the question was “Why do we tolerate sexism against men”

    The answer was “Racism against blacks is a problem”

    The the moderator says “He answered the question to his satisfaction”

    Men’s right isn’t an issue that get swept under the carpet.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Actually it is. You and I recognize that this is a problem that is harmful not only to boys and men, but to society in general, regardless of sex, race or any other variants. To the degree that we fail to care for each link in the chain, we are all weakened.

      And we’re here to change that.

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