#banbossy? I have a better suggestion…

I have a better suggestion…

#BanBossy? I have a better suggestion...
The core message of #banbossy is thus: “Females are kept subservient to men via psychological assault, a threat to the primordial need of social acceptance using the mechanism of name calling. Let us make this tool unavailable.”

In short: words make girls feel bad. That’s the core value: not feeling bad, the oblong implication is on the notion that “good self-esteem” is necessary for great achievement. Ask most men and you’ll find that achievement does not rely on self-esteem, but on hard work and dealing with the hard facts of reality–regardless of how well we think of ourselves, and even less on how we feel about ourselves.

Rather than attempting to have the world cater to tender egos, teach children to better deal with reality. Teach them character and fortitude, rather the constant focus on estimating one’s self-image.

To paraphrase a quote by Frederick Douglass “It is easier to build a strong children than to repair broken adults.”

Women in S.T.E.M? I’m all for it. In politics and positions of leadership? Sure thing–if it’s earned though hard work, talent, skill, perseverance and offering genuine value to society. All of these are byproducts of a strong character, not a social coddling. The #banbossy campaign does all the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

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