When men espouse bigotry toward women – the reality check

Someone in a YouTube comment had offered a comment, of which this is an excerpt.

“The REAL reason women never succeed is because they are lazy and entitled and see hard work as BELOW THEM and believe in shit like ‘privilege’ – a world where everything is just handed to you because you produce NOTHING.”

I offered the following response, one which I would encourage my fellow MRA, MGTOW and generally decent people to consider.

This is wrong in so many ways. Women do succeed, and on their own steam and hard work and wits. The problem with your argument is that it is just as much a generalization as the “privilege” argument.

If I were to bend over backwards in generosity to your argument, I could rephrase your claim thusly: “Modern day feminism promotes the message to women that men achieve their positions in great part, due to privilege, and this may, consequently, discourage women from working toward their goals.”

I could buy that.

But the problem is not women, or exclusively feminism, but also that the technological ease that we live in that separates us from an understanding of the real world. Understand that feminism is simply not possible in a survival-mode society. It can only flourish when hard physical work is rendered unnecessary or invisible.

We, men and women both, tend to forget just how bloody difficult survival is, because we were raised in an environment that makes everything easy.

Have you ever washed a load of laundry with nothing but a stream, a basket and a washboard? There goes 5 to 7 hours, depending on the load. And then there’s the shlepping of heavy wet clothes back a mile or two to the cabin. Hanging clothes to dry in December? Agony! That’s a good 3 hours total time. In our society, the washing machine has made people think that laundry is a 5 minute job and that folding laundry is a 30 minute job. And we haven’t even made our own soap!

Men, generally speaking do more physical work, so we’re a bit closer to the understanding of how much energy it takes to create, but have you ever tried to build something as simple as box using exclusively hand-tools? We’ve got things easier than our grandparents did too.

Yes, feminism is harmful in that it promotes bigotry toward men, and infantilizes women. It is an ideology that feeds upon the energy and funds of the gullible, but women are not to blame for being gullible any more than men are. People are to be blamed for not putting their real-life thinking caps on and for not demonstrating accountability and self-responsibility. Feminism works hard to prevent people from doing so. That’s not a man or woman thing, but an ideology thing.

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