Feminism’s Theft of Moral Authority.

The Theft of Moral Authority

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Dear Feminist,

There are those of your kind that commonly try to sell me the notion that Feminism is a force for good. They would claim to continue in the tradition of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony all while raising funds for campaigns that imply that all men are rapists and that you aren’t a real feminist unless you believe in Patriarchy Theory, Rape Culture and Free Bleeding. “But not all feminists are like that,” you exclaim, “Those Feminists aren’t True Scotsmen.”

My experience of feminists is that if not ALL like that, you are, in fact, the greatest majority numerically, the most powerful, the most influential, and the most harmful faction.

There is a crime known as Stolen Valour. The crime is one of falsely claiming to have earned medals of distinctions, to have engaged in certain battles or actions or of having committed great deeds create impression of valour–it is a claim to unearned valour.

For a Modern Feminist, this is a common sort of behaviour, that of leaning on the credit of others for a moral authority that you do not possess. And you do it casually, and even innocently.

When I hear “Let me tell you what Feminism really is about” I can correctly predict that over 99% of the time, the eager feminist will attempt to paint a noble and grandiose vision that rest the ideas of their Second and Third wave Feminist apologetic on the moral authority of the First Wave Feminists. It’s like clockwork. It is the primary go-to response, the primary article of faith.

And why do you do this? For two reasons. The first is that once there was a time where women were institutionally treated as lesser than men. These were genuine grievances and they have been rightfully addressed and resolved.

The second reason is that without this moral authority, the Patriarchy Hypothesis, “Women’s Ways of Knowing”, Rape Culture and the like would be seen for what it is: addle-minded, post-modern bigotry and wishcraft. If it were not for the works of a number of fair-minded people many years ago on whose name and cause you can draw on for a semblance of moral authority, your present ideas would be regarded much as we do The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

So, when you call yourself a “Feminist” and try to tell me what “Feminism” means, unless you are specifying your exact beliefs and act according to purely Egalitarian principles and do so in a consistent manner, your apologetics will remain as bereft of morality as they are of logic.

Your bigotry was never their goal.

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5 thoughts on “Feminism’s Theft of Moral Authority.

  1. ExitedTheMatrix says:

    Awesome post. The truth regarding the sheer hypocrisy and unbridled misandry imbedded in 2nd and 3rd wave feminism is spreading like wildfire. It’s a tragedy that tens of millions of men have already been destroyed and that millions more will be destroyed by post 70s feminism.

  2. caprizchka says:

    I’m not entirely convinced that this is true: “The first is that once there was a time where women were institutionally treated as lesser than men. These were genuine grievances and they have been rightfully addressed and resolved.” It would seem to me that human beings have been put through the mill–men and women–and that men who weren’t ridiculously wealthy weren’t actually all that “privileged”. Rather, it would seem that women had all sorts of rights without civic responsibilities. Now they have more rights but still not a whole lot of civic responsibilities and those can always be pawned off on men or government. I am reminded of this blog which has a whole lot of historic analysis: http://gynocentrism.com/

    • Francis Roy says:

      I agree that the correct analysis includes a balanced perspective. To quote one of my frequent interlocutors, genderneutrallanguage: “The historical backdrop isn’t male privilege; it is interconnected, interdependent division of labour that places burdens on both men and women, and grants both the rights necessary to fulfill these duties.”

      That having been said, it is in fact true, that women did experiences hardships, exclusively due to their sex–as have men. I need only look to my Grandmother’s life, and my Mother’s earlier life for evidence of this. That men also have and still do experience discrmination in no way dismisses women’s discrimination under law and by culture. But looking at only half of the story from the other side is no more correct than the Feminist position. This is what the feminist, gynocentric view of privilege looks like. The truth is not found by inversing a wrong-headed ideology, but to find the truer one, one that includes all human interaction, and to look at both sides with equal criticism and compassion–hopefully, with the objective of making everything better for everyone.

      This simple step would make the world such a better place.

  3. You might like my forthcoming book, Francis. My gender narcissism thesis explains everything that you’ve noted about feminists. If you’re interested: http://navigator1965.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/how-to-write-the-book-that-malcolm-gladwell-wished-he-had-written/

    Pre-release reads are complimentary.

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