This is what anti-feminism looks like.

What a lovely thing to wake up to.

Image of a woman holding a sign that reads 'I [love] men. The Return of Femininity.'[…] A few signs later I approach another woman, Hello, not sure if you’ve seen the Game of Thrones Campaign that says ‘Kill All Men’? We at The Return of Femininity are trying to counteract it with some love -she interrupts ‘Oh no that’s not what it means, it’s referring to a Game of Thrones’. I let her know, yes, I know that, I read the books. I then ask her if she has ever seen ‘Kill All Women’ plastered around. She says, no but in Criminal Minds you can see it. I ask her again, Have you seen ‘Kill All Women’ all over the subways? She says no and again goes into how we can see it in anywhere. I again ask, you see ‘Kill All Women’ on the subways?

We enter the train and continue. She mentions how there is not just one kind of Femininity. I reply, I understand that and share with her the goal of The Return of Femininity [TROF]. She then asks why am I saying that femininity has to have a basis of loving men…I shit you not. I had a moment. A moment of jaw dropping. I said incredulously, ‘Uhh because they are human?!’ We then moved onto discussing the anti-male agenda of feminism her reply was that the Men’s Human Rights Movement began as a reaction to Feminism and I told her no. It did not. The concept began before feminism existed. She then said there are different brands of feminism to which I let her know that doesn’t matter, they all fuel the same thing. Feminism in action is anti-male. She said no it’s equality, I then asked, well then why are they not working with the Men’s Human Rights Movement. Her answer? In her own words that I can’t remember verbatim – the movement is unnecessary and a joke. To which I jumped, how can you say you stand for equality when you minimize men’s human rights? Do you hear yourself? She said, well, the MRM is like a white power movement arising because of the black panther movement. [Emphasis mine–Francis Roy]

I shit you not. But there was too much to address there so I just simply stated, not true, at all.

[Read the full article at the URL below – Francis]

Thank you, Kristal Garcia. How ironic that anti-feminists practice egalitarianism better than so-called Feminists do. How refreshing to hear, from a woman, that men in general deserve to be loved for no reason other than being half of humanity. This, incidentally, is how men, myself included feel about women. Thank you.

My coffee tastes slightly sweeter, this morning.

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4 thoughts on “This is what anti-feminism looks like.

  1. Happy to do so Francis and thank you for sharing. It’s high time love for men is shared.

  2. Let me clarify, it’s high time love for men is shared in society. Wanted to make sure that didn’t come across as me saying high time you shared it. I try to make sure I’m super clear in written conversation.

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