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And now for something completely different: Vermicompost (Spring 2014)

I am among many things, a vermiculturist, that is, I raise worms. Strange, no?

Vermicompost is the product or process of composting using various worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms to create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast. Vermicast, also called worm castings, worm humus or worm manure, is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by an earthworm.[1] These castings have been shown to contain reduced levels of contaminants and a higher saturation of nutrients than do organic materials before vermicomposting.[2]

Containing water-soluble nutrients, vermicompost is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.[3] This process of producing vermicompost is called vermicomposting.

I do this because I’m a gardener, and I believe in eating the best food that I can. Vermicompost is essentially a magic ingredient. I’ve got another 15 gallons or so to collect. Not only does this feed the plants, but it propagates beneficial fungal and microbial life to the soil. The food that I produce is massively energizing. You might not think that there’s a difference between a potato bought from the grocery store and one that you’ve grown yourself, but there is. When I did not know gardening, I thought that such comments were little more than gardener’s vanity. It isn’t. The taste and nutritional content are immediately perceptible. And all of it relies on one thing: the quality of one’s soil.

This post was prompted by a question on a YouTube video.

I prefer using leaf mulch myself. I find that it breaks down and gives a nicer quality compost. Added to that is that fact that worms are built for eating leaves, among other things, while they can eat cardboard and paper, I find that the worms don’t seem to thrive as well. Perhaps that’s just cognitive bias and the naturalistic fallacy at play.

One thing that I find works extraordinarily well is a mix of egg cartons (I used the lids and keep the tray for germinating seeds) and leaves.

Here’s my magic formula:

Before your next batch is ready to harvest, mix about 50-50 shredded or torn egg carton with leaf mulch, let them sit in an airtight bucket with some bokashi inoculation and some kitchen waste. Let it ferment a couple of weeks, or until your next tray or batch is ready. By that time, the bokashi microbes will have predigested all the bedding while leaving the structure intact. The worms will be in a nutritional bedding plus the food that you add and the egg-carton helps maintain the moisture level.

The little white specks are crushed and not-yet digested eggshell.

Image of different grades of vermicompost.


Felicia Smith, 42 does laptop dance on 15 year old boy before class.

F’ing absurd.

Felicia Smith, 42

Felicia Smith, 42, does lapdance on 15 year old boy before class.


Court documents show Felicia Smith, 42, was charged with improper relationship with a student on Thursday. Court records state Smith performed a nearly 4-minute long lap dance for a 15-year-old boy on Feb. 26 at Stovall Middle School.


On Friday, outside Aldine ISD’s Stovall Elementary School, several parents and students voiced their support for Smith.

“She made a mistake, but she was a good teacher,” Caroline Pena said.

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Word of the moment: “cis-“

cis- Look up cis- at
word-forming element meaning “on the near side of, on this side,” from Latin preposition cis “on this side” (in reference to place or time), related to citra (adv.) “on this side,” from PIE *ki-s, from root *ko- “this” (cognates: Old Church Slavonic si, Lithuanian šis, Hittite ki “this,” Old English hider, Gothic hidre “hither;” see he). Opposed to trans- or ultra-. Originally only of place, sometimes 19c. of time; 21c. of life situations (such as cis-gender, by 2011).

Cisgender has its origin in the Latin-derived prefix cis-, meaning “on this side of,” which is an antonym for the Latin-derived prefix trans-, meaning “across from” or “on the other side of”. This usage can be seen in the cis-trans distinction in chemistry, the cis-trans or complementation test in genetics, in Ciscaucasia (from the Russian perspective) and in the ancient Roman term Cisalpine Gaul (i.e., “Gaul on this side of the Alps”). In the case of gender, cis- is used to refer to the alignment of gender identity with assigned sex.

One of these days I’m going to either write or do a video that undoes the blurred lines of Feminist language.

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The primary reason why men need effective, safe, long-term and discreet contraceptives

Paternity fraud. Watch the first 60 seconds or so. Consider that a woman is on national television asking an entertainer whether she should lie to a man to create a child, to force him into parenthood against his will. She’s literally showing her face and asking a pop entertainer as to whether she should coerce a man into parenthood. “My friends think I should trick him.” Friends. Plural. The entertainer agrees that she should. Poll the audience, almost all the women clap. Watch the man to the right and his body language. Watch Mr. Bowtie.

Now remember, apparently this woman loved a man enough to marry him. How far will she be willing to go she do when she’s ready to divorce him?

The primary reason men need effective, safe, long-term and discreet contraceptives: huge numbers of women are willing to lie and force an unwanted, life-long burden on a man to satisfy the immediate urge to have a child. What does the man think? It doesn’t matter, the law isn’t on his side. This option is available to her, and its human nature to abuse others if they can get away with it.

This is one reason why we need to support safe, effective, discreet and long-term contraceptives. Want to make the world a better place? Support The Parsemus Foundation in bringing Vasalgel to market.

I’m sometimes asked why I am a Man Going His Own Way. When conditions are such that someone that you are intimate with are pronounced enough that they will turn on you because not only are there no consequences, but that the law actually supports this kind of fraud, one can imagine that a man who wants to be in control of his own life might want to think long and hard and very carefully vet someone, and as a default, simply eschew situations in which an unscrupulous individual might gain some purchase over his life. The above is far from uncommon, and is the primary reason to go MGTOW.

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Pee standing up? Male Privilege! Patriarchy!

Wee all know that Feminists get pissed off at the supposed oppressive privilege that men have for being able to pee standing up. If you are such an individual, urine luck! You too can now bask in the unfair advantage that only a socially constructed role can afford oppressors men.

Woman pees standing up before an audience

It’s about what matters…!

And yet…

Swedish Politicians Trying To Ban Men From Peeing Standing Up

Swedish Politicians Trying To Ban Men From Peeing Standing Up

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Things I’d like to know: Origins of the Borg

If the Borg were a real species, what would its evolutionary path have been, when and how did they start mixing cybernetics with their flesh? A History of The Borg would be a fascinating read.

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Tarnished Sophia’s MGTOW Survey

MGTOW Survey

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some answers/information for a post I’m writing. It’s going to be called “MGTOW: From The Men Who Know Best” and it covers the differences between what the media currently presents MGTOW as VS what it actually is. Note that this is a safe-space blog, and derogatory slang towards either sex or gender will be edited/not allowed in any comments.

Tarnished Sophia is doing an informal survey on Men Going Their Own Way. If you’re a MGTOW, why not take a few moments to complete it?

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Children of divorce, as adults – know of any studies?

Does anyone know of a longitudinal study that addresses children of divorce, past childhood and into adulthood? I’m curious to know if children of divorce have a greater or lesser tendency toward divorce, how it may affect their relationships, if there are any particular psychological effects, that sort of thing.

Thank you for any pointers.


“I can make eye contact with myself”

“The pathways coming to the system are different for women than men,” he said. “Men are incarcerated for criminal thinking and anti-social behavior. Women come in because of social influences and trauma.”

Someone who is very fond of exclamation marks, capitalization and hyperbole pointed out this nonetheless interesting article.

Women behind bars: State takes a new approach

I have much to say about the article, but not the time to do so.

I welcome your thoughts on the matter.


One solution to many woes: make sperm scarce.

The Grim Guy, Lucian Vâlsan wrote a very interesting article: A bachelor tax – not so unlikely in which he describes the Romanian circumstances in the 1980’s under Nicolae Ceaușescu. The Romanian Communist Party decided to increase the birthrate in the country – being dissatisfied with how the population recovered numerically following the World War II. One of their approaches, in addition to starving the population was to tax men over 25 that had no children. This was colloquially known as “the dick tax.”

In this context, of absurd desire of the supreme leader to increase
birthrates and to pay off national debt by quite literally starving the
population gave birth to the so-called celibacy tax of 1986.

To be honest, were this to happen in North America, I would consider this a good thing: it would be a solid legal reason to bring up issues of men’s lack of reproductive rights. You want to tax us as incitement to have children? Provide us the same sort of rights and protections that we have granted women. Were this the case, I suspect that you’d see “marriage” or at least some form of pairing up regain popularity. Something like this is a series of milestone lawsuits waiting to happen.

But for today’s environment, I’m convinced that the best means is still the pressure of withdrawing the benefits of free/cheap dick to women, the withholding of children (making great efforts to not create them, that is), of provision and of protection.”

Feminism can only exist in an environment of where sperm is freely and cheaply available, where dick is an undervalued commodity. When women control reproduction in large part due to men’s lack of decent contraception, in view of men’s drive  to enjoy normal, happy, intimacy as sexual beings and in view that laws involving reproduction work mostly in women’s favour and mostly to men’s disfavour.

Consider: if men were the gatekeepers of their reproduction, if we could control our fertility, there’d be significantly less paternity fraud, less dispossessing men of their homes and goods, less dispossessing of their future salaries designed mainly to bring in more revenue to the court. Feminists would have even less claim to the notion that men are rapists. Of course, they’d still find a way to find the withholding of dick as a form of oppression against women, by “denying” them the “right” to make babies, but honestly, one who seeks to be a victim needs very little excuse. But it would be another means to cause women to re-evaluate how men are treated.

Consider that as men, we literally give away diamonds and our future for the opportunity to give away sperm. We treat our sperm as though it were garbage, we pay to have our future hauled the dump, so to speak.

It’s time to turn the world around. Men, keep your dicks–or at least your sperm–to yourselves. Make it a scarce commodity. I can imagine no greater tool to help change the laws. The sound of thundering biological clocks would shake the foundation of the current legal and political system.

This is one reason to support the Parsemus Foundation with bringing Vasalgel to North America, then the world. Donate to The Parsemus Foundation here.

We do still have our sexual drive, however. In a world where prostitution is legal, but soliciting the service is not, we would have need some outlet. This is where porn, sex toys and sex workers can become an important player in a whole new economy.

We would probably need to create 1-3 generations of men who view their sperm as the valuable commodity that it is. We’d need to ensure that temporary sterilization become a right of passage as soon as the child is able to consent, where parents consider this as a means to protecting their boys. We would need to put an end to sperm donation.

A large part of our world’s problems are due to uncalculated and not carefully premeditated choice in reproduction. This would of course be a large scale social engineering project, but if Feminists have taught us anything, it is that our world’s societies and cultures can do a 180 in one generation. That is spinning on a dime in terms of species time-scale.

So boys: protect your sperm and treat it as a commodity more valuable than diamonds. Our seed is literally the seeds of the future. Treat it as such.

It is time for men to adapt and adopt this as the new male anthem :)


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