Helpless machine: this is what misandry looks like

“Every seventh murder on our planet occurs within families.

And in most cases it’s all men’s fault.

This ad is revolting. Here’s the setup. A machine is rigged to do three things.

1. Fail to deliver a product that someone paid for, leaving the product just on the edge of dropping.

2. Show men trying to push or jar the machine so that the product edges off of the intentionally stalled rotor-spring, unknown to him.

3. When the machine is jarred, to display an on-screen woman crying as though she’s being abused.

The ad then displays selected bits of video of frustrated men trying to knock the product loose, of women telling him to calm down, of mothers protecting their young daughters, of police passing all interspersed with creepy music and images of a pretty young woman crying.

Do they show women’s reaction to being ripped off? No. Do they show men who’ve gone for assistance to get the machine to deliver? No. Do they show anything other than men supposedly acting “aggressive” and insinuating that it’s “that easy” to drive a man into a homicidal rage? No.

This ad is repugnant and makes me angry.

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4 thoughts on “Helpless machine: this is what misandry looks like

  1. I would have kicked the glass in after the crying video…

  2. Tarnished says:

    This is one of the stupidest advertisements I’ve ever watched. How disgusting to make it seem like men are just as likely to hit a woman as a broken vending machine. Getting upset at inanimate objects isn’t the same as having an argument with another person…and most people know this.

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