Pee standing up? Male Privilege! Patriarchy!

Wee all know that Feminists get pissed off at the supposed oppressive privilege that men have for being able to pee standing up. If you are such an individual, urine luck! You too can now bask in the unfair advantage that only a socially constructed role can afford oppressors men.

Woman pees standing up before an audience

It’s about what matters…!

And yet…

Swedish Politicians Trying To Ban Men From Peeing Standing Up

Swedish Politicians Trying To Ban Men From Peeing Standing Up

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15 thoughts on “Pee standing up? Male Privilege! Patriarchy!

  1. Tarnished says:

    But…women can already piss standing up.
    You have to tilt your hips back and spread your labia, but it’s hardly the most difficult action you’ll undergo.

    So confused!

  2. Nikhil says:

    Never read a more obnoxious post than this. What are you so frustrated for. Had your dad tried hard enough to pull ‘it’ out of your mom soon, a dirty man like you would not have been born and this world would have had at least one misogynist less.
    Change the title of your blog – ‘Equality for men only’.
    Seems like you have severe childhood issues which are being manifested now in your poor writing. I hope men like me ,who believe in equality never have to share space with someone as pathetic as you. If we do, the first thing would be to bash you in your nuts and spitted in your face. What a creepy man you are.

    Repenting visiting your blog. Had there been a way to report abuse here, i would have got your blog suspended!

    • Francis Roy says:

      If you don’t like my thoughts, Nikhil aka Akriti, feel free to read the rest of the internet.

    • Tarnished says:

      Fail troll is fail.
      Also…where the hell do you see any “abuse”?

      • Francis Roy says:

        So much low-hanging fruit, so little time…

      • Tarnished says:

        Lol. From your comment I assume you’ve dealt with this person before? They should really proof read prior to posting their comments…and, you know, actually provide examples of your “abuses” so it doesn’t sound like they’re talking out their ass. Somehow I don’t think *you* are the frustrated one, dear Francis. ;)

      • Francis Roy says:

        I feel reasonably confident that this is Akriti, someone whose article I once addressed went on a spamming spree on my website, using a variety of names. She doesn’t address issues, only her opinion of what kind of person that I am.

        /me shrugs. Is having a pet troll a marker of some kind? I’m sure that when she reaches her 30’s and she has come into a fuller intellectual maturity she’ll roll her eyes at the kind of comments that she leaves as much as I do.

      • Tarnished says:

        Oh? How old is she abouts? I’m 30 next month, but have never been a troll…Have I missed out on some juvenile right of passage? :P

      • Francis Roy says:

        I’m not sure, her Gravatar profile is linked here:

        As for the age thing, I can only guess that you must be well-adjusted and mature. I was an ignorant prick in my 20’s, not intentionally, though. Now, I’m less of both. That’s part of the reason why stuff like this doesn’t really get to me, I have a general sense of the kind of thought process that engenders it.

      • Tarnished says:

        I’m not sure about the well adjusted part, but I’ve always been mature for my age. 10 going on 20, my teachers used to say. Even when I was quite young I’d enjoy walks around my neighborhood or through the woods/lake around our house…gives one time to really think deeply about various topics. The way I see it, everyone grows mentally and physically, but at extremely individual rates. No shame in any of that!

      • Tarnished says:

        Her opinion seems at odds with your personality anyway. You’re hardly a dirty old man, aren’t snarky or aggressive, and have a pretty open forum for discussion whether it is pro-MGTOW or not. I have yet to see you display any qualities that would warrant “reporting”…

      • Francis Roy says:

        I can be snarky. I just work at catching it and when possible suppressing it. It’s a discipline :)

      • Tarnished says:

        I can be snarky too…as well as sarcastic and sardonic (usually directed towards myself…negs don’t work on me, lol), but few of these translate well into writing without sounding mean. So yeah…suppressing these forms of communication is good unless you really know the person.

        Or have a full working knowledge of proper emoticon use.

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