The primary reason why men need effective, safe, long-term and discreet contraceptives

Paternity fraud. Watch the first 60 seconds or so. Consider that a woman is on national television asking an entertainer whether she should lie to a man to create a child, to force him into parenthood against his will. She’s literally showing her face and asking a pop entertainer as to whether she should coerce a man into parenthood. “My friends think I should trick him.” Friends. Plural. The entertainer agrees that she should. Poll the audience, almost all the women clap. Watch the man to the right and his body language. Watch Mr. Bowtie.

Now remember, apparently this woman loved a man enough to marry him. How far will she be willing to go she do when she’s ready to divorce him?

The primary reason men need effective, safe, long-term and discreet contraceptives: huge numbers of women are willing to lie and force an unwanted, life-long burden on a man to satisfy the immediate urge to have a child. What does the man think? It doesn’t matter, the law isn’t on his side. This option is available to her, and its human nature to abuse others if they can get away with it.

This is one reason why we need to support safe, effective, discreet and long-term contraceptives. Want to make the world a better place? Support The Parsemus Foundation in bringing Vasalgel to market.

I’m sometimes asked why I am a Man Going His Own Way. When conditions are such that someone that you are intimate with are pronounced enough that they will turn on you because not only are there no consequences, but that the law actually supports this kind of fraud, one can imagine that a man who wants to be in control of his own life might want to think long and hard and very carefully vet someone, and as a default, simply eschew situations in which an unscrupulous individual might gain some purchase over his life. The above is far from uncommon, and is the primary reason to go MGTOW.

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6 thoughts on “The primary reason why men need effective, safe, long-term and discreet contraceptives

  1. dave04101 says:

    She says men don’t control women’s bodies. Agreed. Then what makes her think a woman should control a man’s body? Okay, he promised. But if a woman has the right to change her mind, why doesn’t a man?

  2. caprizchka says:

    Forcing anyone to be a parent against their will is a form of rape as it is sexual theft. His “promise” should be as easily withdrawn as “consent”.

  3. caprizchka says:

    Retroactively I came to the realization that this piece was an inspiration toward my latest writing and so I thought I would make a note of that here. Naturally, you are free to choose to deny paternity for it and otherwise dispose of this note. :)

  4. OneFatOzGuy says:

    Whenever I’ve seen reports on Vasalgel where comments are allowed I always see a woman comment “it shouldn’t be allowed because men can’t be trusted to have had the procedure”, to which I usually respond with “yes, because a guy can ‘forget’ to have it done and have a whoops moment later like women do?”.
    One woman commented that her boyfriend hates needles, so he’d get a vasectomy before he’d want Vasalgel, because apparently there are no needles used in that procedure.
    Personally, I don’t see why so many anti Vasalgel comments are for women. I don’t go on forums about the latest technology in tampons and say “hey my wife would never use that, so don’t bother selling it”.

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