This is what Feminism looks like in Canada

The hypocrisy is blatant, but quite unsurprising. When an invited speaker speaks out against Feminism, the speaker “has no right” to expect the floor to express their ideas, and being shut down is “debate”, yet, should a Feminist receive the same treatment, the cry arises of “silencing women’s voices.”


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5 thoughts on “This is what Feminism looks like in Canada

  1. It was physically painful to watch this level of stupidity.

    • Francis Roy says:

      The part that leaves me wondering is whether they, like fundamentalist Christians, don’t see past the windshield of their belief system, or whether they do, but have the money ticker running in the back of their mind. Are they deluded or disingenuous?

      • I rather expect that much like fundamentalist Christians it’s some of both. Ken Hamn is clearly smart enough to understand evolution, and probably does. He make millions of dollars every year selling creationism so he is very disingenuous. All the saps that buy tickets to his “Museum” are not intelligent and educated enough to understand evolution and are simply deluded.

        Now, the women in this video I don’t know if they have the incentives to be dogmatically ignorant or if they have just drank the kool aid of people that are dogmatically ignorant.

        I think the biggest point that the pro-censorship people missed is that THEY ARE the establishment. They are the ones with the power making the rules. They are the KKK trying to lynch negros, not MLK holding peaceful protests for civil rights.

  2. I think you linked the YouTube play list, not the video in question. The video now is not the same one as yesterday

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