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Men’s International Conference 2014 Day 2

Day 2: Warning! This video is 10 hours and 45 minutes long, and has a lot of breaks to skip. The excellent content makes it worthwile.

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CAFE’s Permit To Walk in Pride Revoked: Full Update

Pride Refuses to Reverse Cancellation Despite Letters of Support, Comprehensive Response to Critics.

Shame on Pride for acting with petulant childishness. Congratulations on CAFE for keeping the high ground. See the full update here:

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Men’s Rights Press conference

I wish I could be there.

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If you’re going to be anti-Feminist, then at least understand it’s tenets

On a recent YouTube discussion between myself and a very rude and unpleasant fellow that fancies himself an anti-feminist, but doesn’t understand Feminism. I offered the following correction. I welcome yours, if you think I’m in error, or any salient point that I should have mentioned but failed to. His comments were in reply to me and others on a thread here.

“There are two sexes; male and female.”

Biology across a species may have averaged norms, but these norms are not exclusive rules. Evolution is an accidental process and there are mutations.

How exactly does one determine sex? I’m speaking of biological sex, not gender, or sexual orientation.

Chromosomes? (genotypes) Consider trisomy of which Klinefelter syndrome is an example. Some people are born with an extra X chromosome, giving them 47 chromosomes rather than the typical 46. Or what of XXXX syndrome?

Some people are born where some of their cells have XX and others XY. Which sex do they fall into?

“Certain body parts?” (phenotypes) As a young man, I knew a person that for all appearances was an average woman, yet who had two testicles next to her ovaries (or so she told me). There are those born without penises, uteri, or have both. Some are born with ambiguous genitals, which can be both simultaneously, or others that we might never recognize as a classic “sexual organ.”

By what precise measure do we determine whether one is born male or female?

Biology on a specie’s scale is messy and doesn’t not conveniently conform to our limited categories. You spoke of reality, this is reality, and it’s messy.

The above discusses only physical, biological sex.

Next comes sexual orientation.

“That’s my point, not straight = Lesbian.”

Is a bisexual woman a lesbian? A lesbian, by definition is exclusively attracted to women. If not, then you must acknowledge that sexual preferences are not cut-and-dried, everyone ranges on a grey-scale.The average individual has a strong attraction to the opposite sex, a smaller percentage to the same sex, and there are those that are attracted to either sex. There are some that are drawn to neither. How exactly do you draw the line on that?

Sexual orientation, like physical biology is a range, not an exclusive either-or.

Maybe you’re trying to use very precise terms. If so, then “not straight = lesbian” is false, the two concepts are not synonymous. “Straight = heterosexual” is correct. Not straight = anything other than straight.

Finally, there is gender. Gender is one’s sense of sexual identity. It’s may or may not be related to biological sex, or sexual orientation, or both, or neither. This sense of identity varies person to person, much like one’s self-image as being strong or weak, or choose any other category. What gender identity does one choose when one’s body is not definable into a clear-cut category? What if one’s sense of identity is the opposite of what one’s body appears to be?

“Transsexual” doesn’t exist. It is a myth.

The above is the land where we find many transsexuals. The inside self-identity does not match the exterior appearance, to the point that they want to do something about it, and are more tied to how they think of themselves than the appearance their body presents.

Sexuality is much like race. At what point can we categorically state that an individual is “pure” caucasian, or asian or black? We can’t, because it’s a biological range and one’s sense of identity is affected by factors such as chemistry, culture or family.

Now, none of this has any effect as to whether the political ideology the young woman is speaking out on. It has zero relationship. Classical Feminism does not address these issues. Modern Radical Feminism tries to scoop up as many causes as they possibly can to keep the money flowing. One can agree on facts, while still disagreeing with notions such as “Patriarchy” or “privilege” or some notion of Marxist oppression, we can still recognize that “mostly wrong” can also mean “partially right.”

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. An honest person can sort the wheat from the chaff, and make an informed decision upon which to build a worldview that is productive, fair to all, and can, when it needs to, excoriate those that seek to serve themselves only when they have a choice to serve both themselves and the world at large.

Being skeptical and fact based, means that one must know the facts.

LGBTTIQQ2SA, the password to impartiality?

LGBTTIQQ2SA is an abbreviation used to represent a broad array of identities such as, but not limited to, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, two-spirited, and allies

I’m sorry, kids, but while I respect that people are who they are and as such are all different from one another, when the acronym of the people an organization claims to represent looks like a high entropy password, I have to begin to wonder.

Consider one of the Q’s. “Questioning” has become an identifying noun, not a verb.

WorldPride 2014 Toronto is presented by Pride Toronto, producer of Canada’s largest annual festival of LGBTTIQQ2SA* culture and human rights, under license from InterPride.

Human rights activists that don’t seem to believe that men and boys are human? They are of course, under license from Interpride. Who are these people? What are they about?

InterPride’s Vision is a world where there is full cultural, social and legal equality for all. [But not for men or boys?] InterPride’s Mission is to increase the capacity of our network of LGBTI Pride organizations around the world to raise awareness of cultural, social and legal inequality, and to effect positive change through education, collaboration, advocacy and outreach.

So, in short, we collect money, raise funds and hold events that show pride in being who you are–unless you’re a straight man or boy… Now that’s diversity! I’m sorry–I forgot the term diversity means “anyone but white, cis-straight males.”

Hey world! We’re waiting for you.

Join us in Toronto in 2014 for WorldPride!

WorldPride 2014 Toronto (WP14TO), presented by Pride Toronto, is shaping up to be one of the biggest international events of our times. These ten days of queer celebration will turn streets into parades, parks into parties and strangers into friends. Come out and meet the people from around the world expected to gather downtown and in neighbourhoods right across the city.

This will be an international celebration incorporating activism, education, and the history and culture of global LGBTTIQQ2SA* communities. Highlighting Canada’s continued progress in human rights, WP14TO also celebrates the diversity and dynamism of Toronto, one of the world’s most progressive and liveable cities.

Oh! Unless you happen to be a LGBTTIQQ2SA individual that supports the rights of, and advocates positive solutions for issues that men and boys experience– in which case, you can go fuck yourselves.

CAFE’s Permit To Walk in Pride Revoked

The Canadian Association for Equality is extremely hurt and disappointed to announce that Pride Toronto has revoked our permit to walk in the Pride Parade this Sunday.
Here’s all we were told:

It has come to our attention that the work of your organization may contravene the spirit of the mission, vision, and values of Pride Toronto and WorldPride. For this reason, please be advised that your permit to march in the WorldPride Parade on Sunday June 29th has been cancelled. We regret that this information has come so close to the parade day.

This was sent to us 4 days before the parade, even though we had paid for our registration months ago and had walked without incident last year. We have asked for additional information and for an opportunity to meet to discuss the matter and respond to concerns. We have always been clear CAFE is an inclusive and diverse organization. Now Pride is telling us we are not welcome, violating these values we thought we shared.

It’s amazing how flowery tongued bigots can get when when telling others “we don’t want you in our sandbox, ’cause we think you’re a stinkyhead and we don’t like you.”

Hard to believe that these are adults.

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Definitions of the moment: activism and advocacy

I’m not as active in hunting down companies or people to help bring Vaslagel to market, and so I was wondering, whether I have moved from being an activist to a simple advocate or men’s rights and issues? Oxford says that advocacy is a form of activism. I feel that is too generous a title for me at this given moment. While I continue to educate myself, formulate my thoughts, search for deeper insight into the law, our culture and men’s issues, and I continue to speak of them, I’m not sure that I’d qualify myself as a serious activist at this moment. I think of activism as a results oriented set of actions designed to produce measurable and quantifiable results that can be acknowledged by a neutral third-party. I’m not so sure that mere thinking and speaking falls into that class, until one actually sets to persuade certain people or groups in position of influence to carry out a given task or to create specific results. Perhaps writing or creating videos might qualify. I might be more generous toward others in that respect than I am to myself. I’ve always been my harshest critic.

Definition of activism

a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue

Definition of advocacy

the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal : the act or process of advocating something

Vanity Pushers

I found the following quote, I believe that it was de Tocqueville. It might have been Machiavelli.

“‘My secret consisted in flattering their self-love [Members of Parliament and Cabinet Colleagues], while I took good care to neglect their advice… I had discovered that it is with the vanity of [people] that you can do the best business, for you often get from it very substantial things, while giving very little substance in return; you will never make as good a bargain with their ambition or their greed; but it is true that to deal profitably with the vanity of others, you must lay aside your own and look only to the success of your scheme; and this is what will always make that kind of trade very difficult.”

Think carefully when people attempt to offer you praise based on vagaries such as taste, group affiliation, or political stances, and not for carefully cultivated skills or character traits.

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Compassion Rare in Japan–and for men in general

One of my favourite channels is TheJapanChannelDcom. The always-unnamed speaker discusses all things Japanese. Some light and frivolous, others charming, or practical, or traditional, or educational, and occasionally, to his credit he honestly reports on the darker side of Japanese culture.

This one particular episode discusses the notion of the Japanese having little compassion. In short, the Japanese are Stoics: when things are tough, don’t complain, try harder! Do your best! The notion of sharing one’s problems with another in Japan is inconceivable. What can the listener do about it? While this makes for a very self-reliant people, it can also have a downside: people are isolated, even in crowds, and this has a significant impact on the suicide rate. Seeing a psychologist or councillor is considered shameful, to the degree that suicide is seen in a better light than seeking what we Westerners would refer to as help.

This reminds me very much about how we often expect men to handle things. Men don’t speak much about our problems because it’s frowned upon. We should just try harder! Court has ordered you to pay 110% of your earnings in child support? Try harder! Can’t find a job because you you were unable to pay 110% of your salary in child support and you’ve had your professional licences revoked by the court? Try harder! Complain about it, and you’re simply weak and a loser. Shame on you for complaining.

Not unsurprisingly, a good many men commit suicide shortly after having their family destroyed, access to their children denied, outrageous court and lawyer fees applied, which is often followed by job loss, and eventually, depression which can to a final act.

I’ve often thought that suicide on its own is an example of a person feeling that they are without choices. Some men, pushed to the extreme, in the last act of helpless protest choose self-immolation. This is a fate that seems to be mostly reflected in some fathers, at the end of their rope choose; it is the ultimate act of despair.

All in all, the video is really worth the listen. I’ve been subbed to this channel for at least a couple of years. It never gets old, and the speaker is a very insightful man.

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YouTube search: misogyny vs. misandry

Let’s do a brief media comparison.

YouTube search for Misogyny:

YouTube search for Misandry:

The former yields talk about the matter. The latter yields examples.

Just an observation.

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Why Return of the Kings should not be taken seriously, let alone read

Seriously, don’t take these clowns seriously. In a conversation with Eldritch Edain, I asked for examples of why Return of the Kings might be considered misogynistic. I’ve never read the site, and Eldritch offered me examples of article that should be considered misogynistic.

20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated. Honestly, skip this and go straight for the version.

20 Things that Men Do that Should be Shamed, Not Celebrated.

11. Lazy hygiene.  Donna’t shave your armpits/legs/pussy because you’re a fiercely independent man?  You go boy!  Have fun living in the wilderness with your cats.  Meow.

I offer one word: “Blahahahahahahahaha.”

Is that a word? Doesn’t matter, it’s accurate.


What is Blahahahahahahahaha2?

Sorry, Eldritch, I couldn’t hold back on this one.

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