“Racism is Alive and Well”: A White Woman’s Reaction to a Black man Starting his Car

I’m rarely surprised or shocked when I see this kind of behaviour, but it’s never a happy moment. Bigotry and prejudice are part of the human condition. Then again so is laziness, greed and stupidity, doesn’t mean that we should abandon the quest to train the howling monkeys to not shit on the food pile. I have no problem with sexism, racism or any other form of bigotry, so long as it is never behaviourally expressed. People’s thoughts and feelings are their own; think all the low-level thoughts that you want, but the moment you bring it into the real world, that’s when it’s time expose such people. Kudos to the guy for not losing it. While his motives are obviously self-serving, it’s also a service to the rest of us: a reminder that we haven’t yet evolved beyond instinctual and cultural foolishness.

/me shakes his head.


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