Found in the cross-eyes of a feminist’s hair. Thanks to Mike Buchanan and Caprizchka for the heads up.

Mike Buchanan from Justice for Men and Boys and Caprizchka brought the following to my attention: It turns out that a feminist website, pointed to my blog. The author chose a few memes, presumably those easiest to make facile mockery of, distorted their meaning as negatively against men’s rights as he possible could. It was an attack as vicious as as a kitten’s yawn before it rolls over and covers it’s eyes with it’s paw. Sadly, that’s too cute an analogy. The so-called commentary held as much insight as a 3 year-old picking it’s nose, examining the prize and eating it before being distracted by it’s next bodily function.

Since David Futrel was cowardly enough to download some of my memes, feed off of them, but not bother to tell me, or to link back to my website, I can only assume that he’s ashamed of his unusually low-brow behaviour and is hoping to sneak one-off without getting caught. If it weren’t for Mike Buchanan and Caprizchka I’d never have known.

I’ll return the favour by not pointing back, and forward a favour to my readers by not wasting your time. The post (unworthy of being addressed as an “article”) and all but one or two of the comments are little more than masturbation and sycophancy. One would find more insightful commentary from a seal barking and clapping it’s fins, hoping for a half-mackerel down it’s throat. On the other hand, Mike Buchanan’s site Justice for Men and Boys and Caprizchka have something to say, why not give them, the ever-vigilant a look-see?

And Futrel can analyze this.

Link to screenshot

Update: I’m informed that Futrel now added a link to my site, after having been called out on it. People can make up their own minds, David, a fact that you don’t apparently respect. There are those that strive to live an upright life, then there are the Futrels of the world, those that strive for the cheap and the debased while attempting to cloak themselves with a moral authority that was never earned. I’ll spend no more time on you.

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2 thoughts on “Found in the cross-eyes of a feminist’s hair. Thanks to Mike Buchanan and Caprizchka for the heads up.

  1. caprizchka says:

    Copied meme with attribution to membership-only site.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Go right ahead. I have no problem that anyone use my memes, even Futrelle. What chaffs me is the the low-brow dishonesty. Cherry-pick, distort, sell ads, but above all, don’t offer context. I imagine it’s akin to someone learning that their work has been used to support the KKK; it just feels “dirty”. He could have used the opportunity to engender honest conversation, but then again, he’s not known for discussion.

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