Christina Hoff-Sommers: Why do you call yourself a Feminist?

I can appreciate Christina Hoff-Sommer’s sentimental attachment to a movement of her youth. There are still Elvis fans, but Elvis is dead, and so is her Glory Days movement. At what point does a bunch become a heap? At what point does the number of angry, man-hating paranoid and surly law-making, influence-wielding, self-proclaimed Feminists become the majority so that the term takes on a new meaning?

I’ve gone so far as to give up the title “Egalitarian” as a position, and simply refer to myself as impartial, the true antonym to the terms “sexist” and “racist.” While many women are getting their faces burned with acid, so are men. While many women are homeless, so are men. While many women are subject to domestic violence, so are men.

Are we in fact striving for an impartial and mutually respectful society? Are we truly willing to let go of long-held cultural and even instinctual prejudices? If so we must choose the vehicle best suited to ourselves and for a collective of individuals that firmly believe that character and a sense of duty must be the fundamental tool for change, rather than some long-gone ideology.

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