RE: Perverts in Public Places

Eldritch Edain wrote an interesting post: Perverts in Public Places. (Catchy title! :) )

This is my reply.

As a preliminary, I’d like to say that you’re the kind of writer that I like; I can both agree and disagree with you, in the same article, and come out the better for it. I also find your writing style imminently readable, and easy to follow though to the end of your lengthier articles.

So now to the matter.

But I can no longer call myself a feminist.

Because I believe in equality.

Amen. The sun is shining on me today.

The above examples of misandry (man hating) don’t come from patriarchy, they come from feminism.

Eldritch Edain

While Feminism does indeed promote an anti-male zeitgeist, it is not the exclusive source of misandry. An unmeasured part of it, I’m convinced is instinctive, another part, probably the greater one, is cultural, Feminism being the most egregious violator in this last half-century. Countless generations had come and gone before we recognized slavery as being immoral, and probably as many until a good chunk of our species changed the laws in most parts of the world, then a few more until it has become an acculturated acceptance. So it is with misandry. I thoroughly agree with excoriating Feminists for promoting misandry veiled by a false flag of “equality,” especially the ideologues, the money grabbers and the cut-throats.

I’m willing cut another group some slack though. There are those who indeed know little of the tenets of Feminism and because they know little more than the shallow marketing hype believe that Feminism means not discriminating against women. They don’t actually make that distinction, all they respond to is a vague verbiage of “equality”. There are some genuinely good people who do in fact wish for a fair and impartial world, but having failed to think the issue though, simply chew the Feminist bubble-gum, mistaking it for the meat of the matter, and so, inadvertently, continue to behave in ways that harm and negatively discriminate against men and boys. This is the NAFALT argument, but with a twist: if one doesn’t actually know the tenets of an ideology and mostly pay lip-service to it, can one make a claim to adherence?

But I am not a men’s rights activist either, because they too often promote hatred of women, or at least tolerate it.

Eldritch Edain

I’d like to caution you, and put a bug in your ear for you to percolate in the back of your mind. The caution is that of an over-generalization and a lack of fine distinctions. I’m a Men’s Rights Activist, or at least an advocate, based on my time and energy. I neither promote hatred against women–or anyone–nor do I tolerate discrimination based on hatred. Another caution is to err in thinking that anti-feminists, men’s rights activists, people that support, or discuss men’s issues, men going their own way, etc. are a homogeneous–or even the same group.

I’ve yet to meet or discuss with any men’s rights activists–people, both women and men, that take actions to promote men and boy’s legal equality (and often to discuss social issues that affect men and boys) that are in fact genuine misogynists. I’ve certainly met men that hate women, and I’ve even known a few women that hate women. Here’s the bug for your ear: be attentive to those that discuss men’s issues and ascertain whether they are MRAs.

Finally, let us be very clear the matter of “hate”, a passionate disliking of something. There’s nothing wrong with hating something or someone. What is wrong is unjust discrimination that has effects in the real world, outside of one’s skull.

The only way to move forward is to take feminism’s points about women’s equality and combine them with the men’s issues the MRM raises sans misogyny and misandry, thus creating a new and true equality movement.

Eldritch Edain

Yes, in short, we need to individually be impartial and fair to all. That’s a heck of a notion. I have confidence that we’ll get there, and even that we’ll start to see some changes in my very lifetime.

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