Why Return of the Kings should not be taken seriously, let alone read

Seriously, don’t take these clowns seriously. In a conversation with Eldritch Edain, I asked for examples of why Return of the Kings might be considered misogynistic. I’ve never read the site, and Eldritch offered me examples of article that should be considered misogynistic.

20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated. Honestly, skip this and go straight for the regendered.com version.

20 Things that Men Do that Should be Shamed, Not Celebrated.

11. Lazy hygiene.  Donna’t shave your armpits/legs/pussy because you’re a fiercely independent man?  You go boy!  Have fun living in the wilderness with your cats.  Meow.

I offer one word: “Blahahahahahahahaha.”

Is that a word? Doesn’t matter, it’s accurate.


What is Blahahahahahahahaha2?

Sorry, Eldritch, I couldn’t hold back on this one.

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2 thoughts on “Why Return of the Kings should not be taken seriously, let alone read

  1. Tarnished says:

    I’ve read RoK a few times, and honestly? Never been impressed. The advice that is given in regards to getting laid/having a partner is such that it can only work on women with low self-esteem, are severely materialistic, need validation from a partner in order to feel “worthy”, or have no real sense of identity.

    Lol at your example, Francis. I shave 2 of those 3 on a weekly basis, but I only shave my legs in the spring and summer. Even if I didn’t shave at all, what would be the big deal? My lover doesn’t shave *any* part of his body…I don’t consider him to be unhygienic. So long as you shower everyday, wear deodorant, and keep your nails trim, that should be good enough.

    • Francis Roy says:

      I’m still reserving judgment until such time as I’ve got a more in depth understanding. I want to read the site with a charitable mindset first, to see the positive intention. So far, I don’t see the site as being misogynistic, but rather, ignorant in the general way that man young people who think they have all the answers are, and usually grow out of.

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