If you’re going to be anti-Feminist, then at least understand it’s tenets

On a recent YouTube discussion between myself and a very rude and unpleasant fellow that fancies himself an anti-feminist, but doesn’t understand Feminism. I offered the following correction. I welcome yours, if you think I’m in error, or any salient point that I should have mentioned but failed to. His comments were in reply to me and others on a thread here.

“There are two sexes; male and female.”

Biology across a species may have averaged norms, but these norms are not exclusive rules. Evolution is an accidental process and there are mutations.

How exactly does one determine sex? I’m speaking of biological sex, not gender, or sexual orientation.

Chromosomes? (genotypes) Consider trisomy of which Klinefelter syndrome is an example. Some people are born with an extra X chromosome, giving them 47 chromosomes rather than the typical 46. Or what of XXXX syndrome?

Some people are born where some of their cells have XX and others XY. Which sex do they fall into?

“Certain body parts?” (phenotypes) As a young man, I knew a person that for all appearances was an average woman, yet who had two testicles next to her ovaries (or so she told me). There are those born without penises, uteri, or have both. Some are born with ambiguous genitals, which can be both simultaneously, or others that we might never recognize as a classic “sexual organ.”

By what precise measure do we determine whether one is born male or female?

Biology on a specie’s scale is messy and doesn’t not conveniently conform to our limited categories. You spoke of reality, this is reality, and it’s messy.

The above discusses only physical, biological sex.

Next comes sexual orientation.

“That’s my point, not straight = Lesbian.”

Is a bisexual woman a lesbian? A lesbian, by definition is exclusively attracted to women. If not, then you must acknowledge that sexual preferences are not cut-and-dried, everyone ranges on a grey-scale.The average individual has a strong attraction to the opposite sex, a smaller percentage to the same sex, and there are those that are attracted to either sex. There are some that are drawn to neither. How exactly do you draw the line on that?

Sexual orientation, like physical biology is a range, not an exclusive either-or.

Maybe you’re trying to use very precise terms. If so, then “not straight = lesbian” is false, the two concepts are not synonymous. “Straight = heterosexual” is correct. Not straight = anything other than straight.

Finally, there is gender. Gender is one’s sense of sexual identity. It’s may or may not be related to biological sex, or sexual orientation, or both, or neither. This sense of identity varies person to person, much like one’s self-image as being strong or weak, or choose any other category. What gender identity does one choose when one’s body is not definable into a clear-cut category? What if one’s sense of identity is the opposite of what one’s body appears to be?

“Transsexual” doesn’t exist. It is a myth.

The above is the land where we find many transsexuals. The inside self-identity does not match the exterior appearance, to the point that they want to do something about it, and are more tied to how they think of themselves than the appearance their body presents.

Sexuality is much like race. At what point can we categorically state that an individual is “pure” caucasian, or asian or black? We can’t, because it’s a biological range and one’s sense of identity is affected by factors such as chemistry, culture or family.

Now, none of this has any effect as to whether the political ideology the young woman is speaking out on. It has zero relationship. Classical Feminism does not address these issues. Modern Radical Feminism tries to scoop up as many causes as they possibly can to keep the money flowing. One can agree on facts, while still disagreeing with notions such as “Patriarchy” or “privilege” or some notion of Marxist oppression, we can still recognize that “mostly wrong” can also mean “partially right.”

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. An honest person can sort the wheat from the chaff, and make an informed decision upon which to build a worldview that is productive, fair to all, and can, when it needs to, excoriate those that seek to serve themselves only when they have a choice to serve both themselves and the world at large.

Being skeptical and fact based, means that one must know the facts.


4 thoughts on “If you’re going to be anti-Feminist, then at least understand it’s tenets

  1. Yea when you start getting into breaking down the gender binary words sometimes fail us. You are correct in that all of these things are not really binary but a sliding grey scale.

    One point of correction is that gender identity is the gender you identify as. Where as gender is the role imposed upon you by society. Your understanding of these words may be slightly different than mine so my thoughts may be incorrect. The biggest part of this is identifying that an important thing is the roles and expectations placed upon us by society.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Your point is subtle, important and correct, thanks for pointing that out.

      “The biggest part of this is identifying that an important thing is the roles and expectations placed upon us by society.”

      When you say the biggest part of this, what do you mean? Do you mean an issue to deal with? Or that Feminism places a particular emphasis on?

  2. […] If you’re going to be anti-Feminist, then at least understand it’s tenets […]

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