What are boys good for?

I’ve translated below.

This is one of those “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” kind of show, in France, I presume in the mid to late 70’s or perhaps early 80’s, based on film quality, set, clothes and hair fashion.

Man: And you, do you like boys?

Girl: No!

Man: You don’t like them?

Girl: No.

Man: Why don’t you like them?

Girl: Because they’re dumb.

Man: They’re dumb?

Girl: Yes.

Man: All boys?

Girl: Yes.

Man: Isn’t there a single one that is nice?

Girl: No.

Man: Well, they might not be be nice, and they might be dumb but sometimes they’re beautiful.

Girl: No.

Man: Take me, for example…

Girl: No, and that’s even worse!

Man: Thank you very much… Well, in the end, what do you do with boys?

Girl: Well, nothing.

Man: Nothing at all? What if one comes and speaks to you?

Girl: Well, I tell him, uh, “Beat it, I don’t like boys.”

Man: I wonder, however, of what use are boys, then, because boys exist.

Girl: Yeah, well they exist, but they’re useless. They can serve to work, but sometimes they’ll put their feet up, sit on a couch, and smoke their pipe.

Man: What do you want to do when you get older?

Girl: School teacher!

Man: This is quite the case we have here… Sarah, Sarah… I am a boy.

Girl: Yes.

Man: So I’m dumb?

Girl: Yes.

Man: So I’m not nice?

Girl: Yes. [That’s right.]

Man: And I’m ugly?

Girl: You might be a little nice…

Man: I’m a little nice?

Girl: But with that smile you seem to be a bit of an idiot.

Where do you think that this young 7-8 year old girl learned the above attitude? Where does it originate? Males are good for work, but sometimes they don’t, they put their feet up and smoke a pipe. Who implanted such ideas in her mind? Notice how the audience laughs throughout. Notice how the boy laughs. What is he learning when an audience of adults rewards a child for what is essentially bigotry? It would be interesting to see how the audience would react, specifically a current day North American audience, were the roles reversed.

Now, I acknowledge that this is akin to “Girls have cooties.” This is “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.” It is the mere repetition of a child’s mind echoing cultural discourse, with a touch of wanting to please the audience, with their positive feedback in the form of laughter.

Let us not take this more seriously than what it is, but let us at the same time acknowledge a brief moment caught on television that reflects many such mindsets implanted, unconsciously in children at a young age.

If we want to build a better world, what we need to do is not so much to counter this kind of thinking post-facto, but to behave in such a way that it would never occur to another to think this way of anyone. We need, from an early age to teach boys and girls to value each other rather than to accept negative messages about each other as a class.

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One thought on “What are boys good for?

  1. caprizchka says:

    I wonder whether attitudes fostered in children of this nature are part of the logical progression from “The Tender Years Doctrine”, child labor laws and other advocacy of children with the apparent aim of extending childhood (perhaps indefinitely). A lot of these socially-engineered gender wars seems to me to be anti-sex or otherwise attempting to delay it until marriage as well as glorification of virginity–particularly in girls in furtherance of increasing her marriage market value.

    It would seem to me that extended childhood is ultimately utilitarian to various adults and does dubious service if any to the child him or herself. Reading of the tremendous feats performed by “children” of our past tells me that human beings have a history of being far more independently driven and self reliant than the norm today.

    Meanwhile, given that both sexuality and character are apparently determined in childhood, setting up genders into opposite camps–including sex-segregated schools or prisons for that matter–sets up a conflict from the start.

    In modern times however a third branch of the conflict emerges in terms of hypersexuality in media, thereby cancelling out any possible population control benefits from delaying sex in adolescents.

    What seems to be missing however is the notion of productive work, apprenticeship, and self-directed education–features of the lives of children of our collective history.

    Working together toward a common productive goal–with material benefit–would seem to me to be a way of building bridges between diverse demographics of all sorts: adults, children, family, friends, hired help, etc., of both sexes. Ironically, however, such a thing generally occurs in Third World countries free of the child labor, child protection, and compulsory schooling laws of the West, until Western bodies set forth to interfere “for the children!”

    Meanwhile, in co-ed production ventures, far more productivity results when women and girls are appropriately attired. Meanwhile Western do-gooders decry opportunity for fashionable expression in Third World women, exalting slut-wear, while “rescuing” sex workers from the means to survive.

    Given that most of the above-described social engineering efforts have been spearheaded by women’s groups I sadly conclude that we might all be better off as a species if such women’s groups were cloistered and effectively muzzled. Since supposedly in our politically-correct obsessed world, “hate speech” is prohibited, such a thing would be only decried by hypocrites–or extended adolescents which may be the same thing. However, rather than advocating such a regressive policy it would seem to me that noise-cancelling ear plugs ought to be the new fashion statement.

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