Chihuahuas from Hell, Fear-Aggression and Feminism

I’ve long held the belief that people are basically decent, and that most of those that aren’t are mostly injured people. Men, women, we all have our life histories, familial and cultural circumstances that put us on edge. We all have learned responses. At some point, certain events mark us, more or less permanently–until they don’t.

We are simple mammals. We are apes. Dumb, clumsy, greedy people who hope for the best in life and a little love and appreciation. We want to fit in. We want to be happy. We want to have purpose, and carry it out as our skill allows. I honestly believe in the end that what we seek are healthy, happy and fair relationships.

Observe the prevalence of relational aggression, in person and on the internet. What is internet rudeness if not a form of verbal aggression? I believe that it is fear-agression. People have been hurt over time, and as a compensatory mechanism, recognize that instilling fear in others often prevents aggression against one’s self. Attack before you are attacked.

What is misandry, or any form of bigotry, if not fear-agression? Mysogynist! Rapist! Monster! Oppressor! This is merely aggression masking fear, unless it is a deliberate and cynical manipulation. For the most part, on the level of masses, I believe that it is the former. At some point, most people learned fears based on their own life-events. Modern Radical Feminism makes use of this and validates it by creating rationalizations for it. Patriachy! Misogyny! Danger! Danger! Bad men! Dangerous men! Rape! Rape! Rape!

I have a deep and dark confession to make: I love women. I love them, but I’m tired of being barked at, nipped and bitten. I’m disappointed in how they behave toward me and my brethren, and increasingly amongst themselves, all inspired by the Radical Feminist ideology.

Most people want loving relationships. That’s what I’m aiming for: Strong, calm, balanced and joyful interactions. There’s enough pain in the world that we don’t need to use pseudo-justifications to pass our own onto others. We need to see each other for who we are, with our strengths and weakness our vices and virtues. We need to understand that the personal need not be political. The personal needs to be addressed, head on, with courage and some hope. The political needs to be addressed with impartiality, respect and dare I say it, a certain degree of kindness.

A Men’s Rights Activist is merely someone who seeks genuine impartiality under law and respect for both sexes (and all in between) on the interpersonal and cultural level, so that we can live the best life that we can live, despite our humanity.

The final solution is one of character. We need to prove strength, dignity and honour–and dare I repeat myself? A little kindness.

Courage and compassion can’t hurt, either.

Brothers and Sisters, when you are socially attacked, recognize that this is another’s pain talking, and that it has little to do with you. Distinguish, however, the difference between being attacked and feeling attacked. Men’s Rights Activists and Feminists are not stupid people, or intrinsically mean at heart, we’re just people, working it out as best we can with what we’ve got. Unfortunately, there are earlier adopters of Feminism that have made their pain political, they have created a war between women and men, under false pretenses. They have sold a false story that hurts us all.

Feminists fall into two camps: those who have a deep understanding of the ideology, and those that merely chew the bubble gum that is handed out. Too many people adopt Feminism because, having failed to do a thorough skeptical investigation of the ideology, and accepting what others say on face value, perceive it as a rationalization and as a justification for their personal pain, a promise that if only their believe hard enough, that the pain will go away.

It won’t.

Strength, dignity and honour for ourselves, kindness and compassion for each other is the only way out.

As time progresses, and as I age, I’ve learned that there is no ideology, no religion, try as they might to pretend to have the answers, that can replace the earned wisdom that comes from introspection and fairness of mind.

I welcome your thoughtful feedback.

The above was triggered by the following video.

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5 thoughts on “Chihuahuas from Hell, Fear-Aggression and Feminism

  1. Rhonda Dangerfield says:

    Just another holocaust denier….

    • Francis Roy says:

      You’re going to have to do better than that. If you want your next comment to be posted, I expect a clear, lucid and (as best as you can) articulate argument made, for or against my position. I give drive-by commentators one chance. Make your position clear, rather than ejaculating your masturbation on this blog.

      I’m sorry, but Rhonda Dangerfield is far too close to Rodney Dangerfield. Make a point, or fuck off.

  2. You could care less who I am says:

    Francis Roy she made her point just fine. Willful ignorance on your part ought not be anyone’s problem but your own. If you really wanted “rights” it shouldn’t be predicated upon diminishing the worth of all those around you as any other garden variety vampire. Your ‘simple mammal’ schtick earned you your own species. I gladly divorce you from the human race.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Who is “she?”

      If you are going to accuse me of being ignorant, be specific. If you accuse me of being wilfully ignorant, that is little more than pretension and rudeness on your part. Please find one example of where I have diminished anyone’s worth–unless you consider criticism of an ideology and the behaviour of its adherents the same as “diminishing” them.

      Now, other than name calling, do you have a salient point to make? If so, do so. Please see my “About” page for the comment policy.

    • Francis Roy says:

      Incidentally, use of the screen name “You could care less who I am” is in fact a poor choice. I do care who you are, because I want to know your name, and if possible your photograph and any writings that you may have. I want you–a real human being–to identify yourself publicly and to be accountable for your words. I want every word that you speak to be attached to your real-life public reputation.

      If one uses a cheap and disposable screen name, I can only assume that the comments will be of no higher quality, little more than the bloviate of a lip-flapper.

      I stand by my words, am open to discussing them, and when presented with better information, will change my mind and publicly acknowledge that I’ve done so. This is the minimal criteria for anyone to be accorded any credibility.

      If you, dear interlocutor, are unwilling to do the same, you do not deserve to be treated as a credible person.

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