Are you going to keep the child?

Mothers have the choice to opt-in or out of parenthood, this is her primary reproductive right. The question is usually put as “Are you going to keep the child?”

I believe the men should be routinely asked the same question.

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One thought on “Are you going to keep the child?

  1. Christopher Andexler says:

    I agree. Too often the role of a father is diminished to no more than a sperm donor especially with a contentious ex wife. Unfortunately the legal system has found it’s way into one-sidely direct HOW a father should be and derive custody and visitation solely on the character difference of a father and the judge or GAL rather than his parental role. Until the legal system recognizes that the role of one parent is more important than another and that Fathers and mothers are different from each other yet their roles are equally important, we will never have equal parenting. This is the denigration of families and the epidemic is contaminating generations to come.

    I know by experience and it is my goal to bring this to light. I don’t want my children and grandchildren to have to live the same wave.

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