Indoctrinate U

While a lot of the colour commentary is about how conservatives (“Republicans” to my US friends) are getting the short-shrift, a tremendous amount of what is spoken of in this film mirrors my experience when I lived with a U of T roommate in Toronto in the 80’s.

Witness the body language, evasion and double-speak of faculty caught on camera. There is a scene where the vidoegrapher wishes to speak to the diversity officer. Pay close attention to the body language and the verbal language of the person that calls the police on him. I am very familiar with this kind of attitude. If it weren’t politically incorrect, she might as well have screamed “Get the fuck out, nigger!

One day I should write a post on my experiences living with such people. While this film is decidedly US-centric, it could easily have been written of the students of the University of Toronto, where my anti-Feminist thoughts took root.

Worse yet, this kind of behaviour has remained unabated for the last 30 years. Now these students are lawyers, judges, teachers, government workers and politicians. This is what Radical Feminism (and hyper-Liberalism) looks like. Lest ye think that I am also of a conservative, or Conservative bent, this is not so. I am apolitical. Ideologies are anathema to me. I can argue for and against as many sides as I am aware of with the same detachment and hopefully, eloquence.

This film does more to illustrate the sort of experiences that I’ve had, from being spit at, lied to and about, to getting the run around, prejudice and lies.

Interesting note: I was rarely directly attacked for being straight, or white. Nor could my politics have been under attack, I had none. The primary focus was on the evil of my masculinity and failing to lock-step with the ideology and the language.

Interesting film.

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