This is what Feminism looks like in real life

This person is representative of the kind of people I was surrounded by in the 80’s. When people tell me that Feminism is about “equality” I flash back to such type of occurrences. I’ve had such episodes triggered by merely saying “I don’t buy into your victim mentality.”

Listen to and watch this woman carefully. Pause and replay her words. Does this strike you as a woman fighting for women’s equal rights? Is this what empowerment looks like to you? Is this behaviour indicative of someone fighting to make a better world for women and men?

I believe that it has the stink of bigotry, ignorance, lack of self-discipline, lack of character, and lack of consideration of anything beyond her own entrapped and indoctrinated mind.

When a sense of moral outrage is not balanced by a simple understanding of the duties that are bound one’s to rights to express it, when there are few consequential limits, is it any surprise that people will behave as such?

When people present the idea that Feminism is about equal rights to me, and that Not All Feminists Are Like that, I have to agree that what the claimant is thinking of (usually themselves) probably isn’t. The problem is that the preponderance are. Whether it’s this young woman, or an Adèle Mercier, or Germaine Greer, these people all speak the same language, push the same message: women as victims, men as oppressors. Patriarchy, privilege, racist, homophobic, etc.

This is not making a better world.

If there is a class of Feminists that are fair, balanced, thoughtful and not indoctrinated by or driven by Radical Feminist tenets, they are too silent to be counted as representatives of their cause.


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