It’s a thing. Let’s kill it!

An article I was about to read starts with the following sentence:

Like it or not, the Women Against Feminism tumblr is a real thing in the world.

It’s a thing. A real thing! A really, true fact real thing. And it’s in the world, this thing.

“People are paying attention to argument X;” “More and more people are persuaded by argument X;” “Argument X is taken seriously;” “People are taking notice of issue Y;” “Many people are discussing issue X;” “Group W is attracting a lot of attention;” “The argument that X is Y is piquing people’s interests;” “More and more people are accepting the argument that F is no longer relevant.”

I hereby invoke the right to stab anyone in the face using a non-sterile ice-pick, should they use the phrase “It’s a thing.”

That, and “Just sayin’.”

It is giving me twitter PTSD.


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