Playing Russian Roulette with men’s lives: 96% of women are liars

An excerpt from 96% of women are liars, honest.

“Modern women just can’t stop lying, but they do it to stop hurting other people’s feelings. It could be argued that these little white lies simply make the world go round a little more smoothly. But to tell a man a baby is his when it’s not, or to deliberately get pregnant when your partner doesn’t want a baby, is playing Russian roulette with other people’s lives.”

96% of women are liars, honest, The Scotsman, Friday 25th July 2014

This informal and provocatively titled survey is hot on the heels of a conversation in the comments section on One example of why I favour mandatory paternity testing at birth. I will be the first to raise my hand to the fact that this is an informal survey, and not a feat of great scholarship, yet, this is a claim that I’ve heard all of my life, confessed to by women: women will in fact lie to men about who the father of a child is for no reason other than it is convenient, and there are little to no consequences for them to do so. The risk of being caught is minimal, and even when caught, the odds are stacked in their favour.

In a recent conversation with another MRA that was making the claim that women are all of one way, that they universally share certain negative character traits, I had responded:

I am saying that the behaviours that you are attributing to women, are in fact human behaviour when certain conditions exist to permit them to flourish. We have built a society whereby men are considered disposable and women are considered precious, which is what has allowed some women to behave poorly, unchecked. Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if only 5% of creatures were born male? Who would be sought after? Protected? Provided for? Do you think the rules would be different? Who would have the choice of relationships? Who would be more choosy and who would be more careful?

The kind of generally abusive behaviour that many women engage in is not due to their body, but in large part because we men indiscriminately throw ourselves at women, and we have failed to set boundaries.

Power without accountability usually creates selfish monsters. This does not excuse either men or women from developing their own character, but you can’t put it all on them, or on all of them. There is only one thing that we can control in this world: ourselves.

What we can do about it is to be the ones that set the rules and boundaries of our own lives. When we all show that we can just walk away before things get bad, the game will change.

One of the reasons that I support mandatory paternity testing is to provide the man with the the facts necessary to make an informed, and rational decision. Mandatory paternity testing can provide the information to solidify a relationship as much as to give the man the freedom to make his own choices.

When building a fence, not only is it necessary to know where the boundaries are, it is important to know if the fence is needed at all.


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