I’ll check my white male privilege right after you check your arrogant liberal assumptions

I don’t know Matt Walsh, but his article speaks to me. Please read it.

I’ll check my white male privilege right after you check your arrogant liberal assumptions

This is the kind of article that I aspire to write. Matt Walsh nailed it. To regurgitate that white men bought slaves to bring to America forgets who sold the slave to them in the first place. I don’t believe in Original Sin, nor am I guilty for the sins of those that aren’t even my ancestors. Until such time as we hold all currently living women, and non-whites for every single crime committed by women and non-whites, there is no reason to point the finger to white men other than bigotry.

Progress does not mean “improvement,” it means “happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.” When I hear hatred, blame, accusation, sexism, racism and bigotry, the only progress that I see is the progress of evil and ignorance moving toward a new target, for no better reason that humans are ignorant, regardless of their ability to manipulate language and the media.

To all of you “progressives,” and “social justice warriors” I have but one thing to say: you have a choice. Make a better world for everyone by being fair and just to everyone, or your hypocrisy relegates your mindset to the dung heap of human ignorance.


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