Protest Rider Placard in Women-Only Japanese train car

This has drawn my attention.

Image of placard for Protest Rider

“Protest Rider” placard used by Japanese men who ride in female-only train cars “I won’t tolerate discrimination.”

Is there a reader who can translate the contents of the placard into English?

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2 thoughts on “Protest Rider Placard in Women-Only Japanese train car

  1. You can copy text into Google translate, but there’s no way I know of to pull text off a pic.

    The link below identifies the group as the Sabetsu (anti-discrimination) Network:

    Sabetsu’s website is:

    Also, my Google search turned up this French language magazine:

    And from Japan Today:

    Women-only cars on Japan’s railways have existed in some form or other for more than 50 years, with “hana densha” (literally “flower train”) carriages originally being introduced as a way of keeping female students safe from the advances of lecherous men during the peak hours.

    [Legal expert] Hashimoto suggests…“In short, although the system is based upon the cooperation and trust of (male) passengers, men will not be forcibly removed from [women-only] cars. In other words, what it comes down to is male passengers’ discretion. This is not a legally-enforced rule.”

    • Francis Roy says:

      Your efforts on my behalf are very kind, Eldrich. Thank you. I’ll take a closer look at the French magazine, there is one unrelated article that appears to be interesting. I enjoy finding out about such issues from a perspective other than North America.

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