Feminism is a Jewish plot to take over the world

YouTube is an interesting place, where one can find just about any idea. I recently listened to a video that suggested that Feminism is a Jewish plot, to, presumably, dominate the world. I could live to 100 years old and never have thought that up myself. I have also heard that Feminism, if not developed, was at least assisted by The Rockefeller family, and the American CIA.

I certainly don’t buy the former, I have heard claims on video by a main who purports to have heard directly from a member of the Rockefeller family that they did, but this is mere hearsay, and claim that I have not pursued.

Here’s my take on it.

Feminism is not a Jewish plot– it is not any kind of plot. It is the by-product of instinctual forces of social animals, shaped by culture and technology.

While the Women’s Rights Movement dates back to the beginnings of the American movement of abolish slavery, Feminism, a wholly different animal, only started in the late 60’s, supported by a technological environment that allowed women to control their fertility, with medical technologies that reduced the rate of deaths while giving birth, and allowed most everyone in the Western world (which is where Feminism originates) to have full, warm, dry and safe. Feminism only came into being, because most survival requirements are no longer imposed on us. Notice that as we grow in tech, that the complaints become thinner and thinner? “Cat-calling” (read: simple bad manners) is now considered “an issue” and is labelled as sexist. Those who do so, it seems, have not bothered to look up the word’s definition.

Culture, government, books, television, the internet are an environment of tools that allow for things to be amplified, and since we no longer struggle for food and shelter, we have the mind-space to dedicate to such stimulus, such thoughts, and thus to be persuaded. And with an ever-increasing population, there are more people in close proximity to be persuaded to the point of action.

It’s not a Jewish thing, it’s a people-are-animals-in-an-environment thing. It is an emergent property of a variety of conditions coming together, no more a conspiracy, plot, plan or scheme than steam being produced when cold air, water and heat are brought together.

Feminism could never have come to any kind of power if it weren’t for men who (other than having played an enormous part of creating such an environment) have lent them their voice, money, resources, contacts, etc. We are now finally at a point in society, in this year 2014, where men can look at our parts, and question whether we choose to use our brains, or our knee-jerk responses.

The trick is not to blame, to scapegoat and to hypothesize; the trick is to change our mindsets, our behaviours, and what treatment we will accept from others. In short, the solution is for men to build and demonstrate genuine self-respect, to expect to be treated with respect and on that solid foundation, to extend it to others.

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